No corner punch, hurry to certify the results of the Bangkok governor. from over 1.3 million sounds, reflecting feelings

Since Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphun has received overwhelming votes from the people of Bangkok who have flocked to vote for the Bangkok governor on Sunday, May 22.

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It can be seen that after that Mr. Chatchat immediately went on foot to meet the people of the capital. walk every day both to thank you for voting both to discuss urgent problems

Show availability immediately even though it is only “The Governor”

Hopefully, the Election Commission will not be too late and certify that he will come to work with full power.

You can already see how many problems this metropolis has.

The villagers tried to choose the strongest person in the land. serious dedication very knowledgeable vision Must hurry to guarantee that the machine can start working as fast as possible!

Most importantly, don’t waste your time with weightless complaints.

Don’t give a price to troublemakers. It’s like some bad traffic, walking around on a motorcycle trying to find a fault, and stuff like that.

Over 1.3 million people, he had been carefully selected. This is a sound that must be respected. You have to be very considerate!!

this election result Land slide clearly Don’t be fussy Let’s make him waste time working for the people of the capital.

both can see that After winning the election There is no need to rest and celebrate anything. Woke up early in the morning and walked towards the people. More serious than the campaign

In fact, people have long seen the melody of chastity.

The title of the strongest man in the world has been around since his days in government as a minister.

Many people still think back to the 2019 elections that were named as one of the prime minister’s candidates. of the Pheu Thai Party!

Even though the election results for Thailand are the number 1 MP if politics is normal There is no hidden power to intervene. had to set up a government

If Chatchat is Prime Minister since 2019, then we must face the Covid crisis. Faced with the economic crisis, expensive oil, we guarantee that we will go better than this for sure.

because the vision is clearly different at different levels different commitment

The key is to be humble and ready to listen. Brainstorm ideas to solve problems He’s not a power maniac, he uses only power, which is even more covering his eyes!!

If Thai politics is truly democratic After the election is over, whoever wins is the prime minister, the government does not have to have power. 250 senators come over the votes of millions of people.

Election 2019, if we get a politician with a vision to run the country will be more beautiful than today

therefore not too much It is said that the outcome of the Bangkok governor’s election is also to show people’s feelings towards the Prayut government!

Wong Tawan

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