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Madame Pang’s Path football field – politics

during the new year The bad gifts that Thai people receive are expensive pigs, expensive products, and then spread to expensive chickens, expensive ducks, expensive chicken eggs, and now the oil is expensive again. Public transport prices have started to increase. It’s also good to extend the time to fix the price of cooking gas for another 2 months. Not all cruel.

But there is still a gift to create happiness, which is the work of the Thai football team, Chang Suek, who won the Suzuki Cup, ASEAN Championship, as a New Year’s gift for Thai people.

In addition to the sound of admiration for the players who performed their songs brilliantly including Coach Mano

It also includes Madame Pang Nuanphan Lamsam as the team manager of the Thai national football team!!

Fragrant meat. The size of cheering each other. Let’s apply for the Bangkok governor who is about to open the field soon.

The news spread that the major political parties of the government Attempting to recruit

while Madame Pang herself gave an interview that There is a name in the news every time there is a contest for the Bangkok governor’s chair. Confirm that today has not decided anything.

The interest now is to take the Thai football team to the World Cup more.

Said that the truth is not interested in playing politics. But to give a denial today, probably not. because maybe already said The future may be destiny The words will be engraved in history.

If interpreted accordingly, it is believed that Today we still focus on the football field. Not the Bangkok governor’s field.

but not completely rejecting the political field Because the future is uncertain!

must continue to watch because he said The future in the political field is destiny.

therefore did not refuse to completely reject politics

I must admit The performance in the Thai national football team has made the team manager Madam Pang. outstanding as mentioned at the same time

It is said that Skilled in football management to make success

until it is likely to be successful in politics as well

It is possible that may have to join the war elephant team to build Works at other levels give more

This is to enhance the popularity of Madame Pang to a higher level.

Then it may be time to step from the football field to the political field.

Especially if Thai football results are still going well. Maybe step into a big political field!

Wong Tawan


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