No goals from first two positions, 10 runs from the bullpen… ‘8 straight losses’ KIA total difficulties

The KIA Tigers fell into the quagmire of eight consecutive losses. 2022.4.21/News 1 © News Reporter 1 Hwang Hee-gyu

The struggling KIA Tigers failed to extract a single point from their two full base opportunities and fell to an eight game losing streak. Here, the poor bullpen gave up 10 runs and suffered a humiliating loss. There was no way to win even though the starting pitcher held out with one run in seven innings.

KIA lost a huge 1-11 home game against the LG Twins in the 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 20th.

KIA, which has not won a game since the Jamsil Doosan Bears game on the 11th, has extended its losing streak to eight games. The season record was 62 wins, 1 draw and 68 losses, with a win-loss gap of -6.

KIA, which was rocked by tactics during the 7th consecutive losing streak, showed a frustrated appearance in this game as well.

Starting pitcher Sean Nolin pitched 7 innings with 5 hits (1 homer), 4 strikeouts and 1 run, but in the batting line, LG made several mistakes and failed to score even after taking several chances. The bullpen also gave up a lot of runs in a tight situation with a 1 point difference, providing an excuse for defeat.

KIA had more threatening opportunities than LG, but the sweet potato batting line-up lacked final hits. It was hard to pick even one point.

At the end of the first inning, Hyeong-woo Choi retired two bases, 1 and 2, and at the end of the second inning, first base runner Kim Seon-bin failed to steal second and break the flow.

At the end of the 3rd inning, LG showed a gap in the defense and KIA’s attack seemed to have worked out.

Park Chan-ho hit an infield ground ball at first base safely, but a catching error by 3rd baseman Bo-kyung Moon allowed him to work safely at first and third base, and left fielder Lee Chang’s sacrifice fly went -jin on the front.

Then, in the process of Park Chan-ho stealing second base, catcher Yoo Gang-nam Song Goo failed and made one company and third base. It was a situation where the flow could flow completely to KIA.

However, KIA was unable to score extra points as Na Seong-beom and Socrates Brito struck out in succession. After that, blood attack KIA was blocked.

At the end of the 4th inning, leadoff hitter Hyung-woo Choi had a hit, but Kim Seon-bin immediately hit and poured cold water on him.

In the end, KIA, who had no chance to escape, allowed Nolin to score a draw with Yoo Gangnam in the early 5th inning.

Still, KIA had a clear chance to secure the victory. Immediately after replacing LG starting pitcher Adam Plutko, the LG mound struck again in the bottom of the 7th inning. After one game, Kim Seon-bin and Park Dong-won and Ryu Ji-hyeok continued to complete the walk consecutively.

However, KIA missed a golden opportunity as pinch hitters Ko Jong-wook and Park Chan-ho struck out in succession.

KIA lost the flow to LG, and allowed a comeback with a fatal error in the 8th inning.

Freshman pitcher Jang Hyun-sik was hit with a triple by leadoff hitter Seo Geon-chang, and shortstop Chan-ho Park, who caught Hae-min Park’s ground ball at third base, threw it home . It was an outrageous dedication to the finish line.

KIA didn’t even get a chance to load the bases in the bottom of the 8th. Lee Chang-jin’s walk, Socrates’ double and Choi Hyung-woo’s intentional walk put three runners out, but the following batters Kim Seon-bin and Park Dong hit ground balls and failed to score even a single run. . Unlike the KIA, LG’s infield was right in the throw home.

The tight streak was broken in the ninth inning. Three bullpen pitchers including Kim Yu-shin, Park Jun-pyo, and Kim Jae-yeol kept the mound, but contributed a whopping 9 points, including a three-run for Kim Hyun-soo and a two-run for Kim Min-seong . KIA, which lost its fighting spirit, suffered more than one defeat.

On the other hand, LG, who achieved 78 wins (2 draws and 47 losses) in the season, managed to keep a gap of 3.5 games with the leader SSG Landers (82 wins, 4 draws and 45 losses), who defeated KT Wiz on that day. .

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