No matter how many takes I took in that shot where Amala speaks the dialogue to Paul, I was not right- Mammootty

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No matter how many takes I took, I was not okay with that shot of Amala talking to Paul: Mammootty

Directed by Nizam Basheer starring Mammootty, Roshak continues to run successfully in theatres. The creation of the film, which is made as a psychological thriller, and the performances of the stars become popular with the audience.

In an interview given to Kaumudi Movies as part of the promotion of Roshak, Mammootty talks about not being satisfied while doing certain shots during the shoot. B. Mammootty talked about shooting a scene in Christopher, which is being directed by Unnikrishnan.

The actor was responding to the host’s question about Bilal’s emotional scenes in Big B. When asked how Bilal Big B would cry, we all rewound the exit scene of Y Bala’s character. The anchor asked if Mamooka had thought beforehand how Bilal would cry.

‘It’s all in that shot. But that’s not what happens.

It’s not something we can plan for. He does whatever he feels like at the time. There is something in our mind. But sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it comes in the first take itself.

There is a shot of Unni (B. Unnikrishnan) in Christopher. Amala’s conversation with Paul.

That shot is fine. But even if it was two, three, four, five, six, seven takes, I wasn’t okay with that shot, I’m not okay with that shot.

He kept taking that shot again and again as if there was something more to come.

But that day, I packed it and took it on the first take the next day and it was fine.

So, we have thought something in our mind, but we don’t get it. That has happened,” Mammootty said.

Sneha, Amala Paul and Aishwarya Lakshmi will be Mammootty’s heroines in Christopher.

Meanwhile, Roshak also stars Jagadish, Bindu Panicker, Sharafuddin, Kottayam Naseer, Grace Antony, Seenath and Sanju Shivram in the lead roles.

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