No matter how many times, it’s always the same. “Saithichai” confidently defeats “Davit” for the 3rd time in ONE battle.

The legendary kickboxing legend of Thailand. Orbit returned to face his former opponent twice in major kickboxing competitions before joining ONE Championship, with Callahan winning by knockout for the first time. and won the score the second time

In the opening match of the third part of the pair, Callahan said he had no concerns as he was familiar with Davit’s style of fighting after winning both times. and is confident that this time the conclusion will not be different from the past and he will still be victorious in a third battle.

However, Callahan did not underestimate. Watching Davit knock out opponents in the first round of the World Grand Prix in October 2021, he admits that the old rival has improved a lot from when they last met about five years ago. First, this time, he’s well-prepared a fight plan that he believes will definitely cause problems for Davit.

“From watching the last bout he won by knockout. I feel that he has developed a lot of skill. It was as if he punched harder. Body is better. But I think this time will not be different from before. Because I know Davit very well, I’m sure I’ll be able to beat him anyway.”

“But I’m not underestimated because Davit is a good close-quarter boxer. So we must try to keep our distance. Using a long left kick and a knee stab which I know he doesn’t like. And I specially prepared to practice.”

This victory means a lot to Callahan as it will be the only ticket that will take him through to the finals and move closer to the featherweight kickboxing World Grand Prix championship belt. The prestigious that he dreamed of possessing at least once in his life.

For fans, you can follow the trilogy of both of them in the battle of ONE: ONLY THE BRAVE, broadcast live on Friday, January 28, 65 via the ONE Super App mobile app, YouTube ONE Championship, AIS Play (only for customers AIS) start the first pair at 17.30 and on Thairath TV Channel 32 starting at 22.40



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