No mention of Congress and Biden in the debate about profanity in the president’s office

Head of Public Relations “I said ‘if you blow it’, not ‘Biden’,” he explained

The presidential office said on the 22nd (local time) that President Yoon Seok-yeol’s “magic” comments were not aimed at US President Joe Biden or the US Congress.

Kim Eun-hye, senior head of public relations, said in a briefing in New York on the same day, “(in the president’s comments) there is no reason to talk about the United States, and there is no reason to say Biden. “

After leaving the meeting room after the ‘Global Fund Financial Commitment Meeting’ hosted by US President Joe Biden the day before, President Yoon appeared to tell Foreign Minister Park Jin and others, “If that these XXs do not approve in the National Assembly, what will Biden do?” The scene was caught on video cameras which sparked controversy.

Regarding the details of the remarks, Chief Kim said, “At this meeting, President Yoon promised to donate 100 million dollars to eradicate diseases in underdeveloped countries.” “I told Minister Park Jin that the country will not stand up if it does not fulfill its minimum obligations to the country,” he said.

“Secretary Park responded that he would persuade the opposition to pass the budget.

Please listen again now. The National Assembly does not approve (these XXs) and it is said to be ‘flying’.”

When asked by reporters if the comments were directed to the National Assembly, Kim replied “yes”.

When asked if he was talking about ‘blow’ rather than ‘biden’, he reaffirmed “yes”.

Chief Kim took aim at the opposition’s insulting remarks of ‘slang’, saying, “I always accept criticism of the president and the administration of state affairs, but dividing the alliance wrongly is an act of self-harm for the benefit of national.

The people will know better than anyone that the national interest cannot be sacrificed for the benefit of the faction,” he said.

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