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No more wasting cooking oil; Abu Dhabi with a biofuel project

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No more wasting cooking oil in homes and restaurants. A project is underway in Abu Dhabi to collect such waste oil and turn it into biofuels. The project will start next year.

Residents will be provided with safe containers to store used oil. The collected oil will be collected by Emirates Water, a sister company of the Abu Dhabi Power Corporation, in collaboration with the Electricity Company and delivered to the Tadveer plant. Abdul Muhsin Al Qadeeri, Acting Director of Tadweer Projects and Facilities, said the used oil could be processed into biodiesel using fatty acids. This biodiesel can be used to power engines, buses, lorries and pickups. Tadveer has been implementing a project since 2010 to use used grease as a base oil for industrial use.

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