No need for panic in Omicron, vaccine improvement decision is premature = WHO | Reuters

A World Health Organization (WHO) executive called on the 3rd to avoid panic following the emergence of a new mutant of coronavirus, “Omicron,” and acknowledged that it was premature to decide whether vaccine improvement was necessary. Taken in May 2020 in the US (2021 Reuters / Lucy Nicholson)

[Geneva 3rd Reuters]–World Health Organization (WHO) executives called on the 3rd to avoid panic following the emergence of the new coronavirus mutant strain “Omicron”, and it is premature to decide whether vaccine improvement is necessary. Showed recognition.

Infection with the Omicron strain has been confirmed in Asia, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe, and has been detected in 7 of 9 states in South Africa.

In an interview with Reuters Next, WHO Chief Scientist Somiya Swaminasan said that Omicron strains are “extremely infectious” based on South African data, but “the current situation is different from a year ago. Preparations. Be careful, but you don’t have to panic. “

At this point, Delta strains account for 99% of the world’s infections, and Omicron strains “cannot be predicted to become mainstream infections,” he said.

Mike Ryan, who oversees emergency response at WHO, said there is no data to support improving existing vaccines to accommodate Omicron strains. “Vaccines are working at this point. We need to focus on more equitable vaccine distribution,” he said.

Sahin, CEO of Biontech, Germany, said at a Reuters next meeting that existing vaccines will continue to help prevent the risk of aggravation, regardless of the virus mutation. “I am confident that a new vaccine against the Omicron strain will be needed at some point,” he said, adding that Biontech could prepare a vaccine for the Omicron strain at a relatively fast pace. ..



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