No need to come to the airport, “Ma Onnapha” is doing an urgent press conference. ready to talk to everyone

After a famous model and host Onnapha’s horse be associated with rumours slap the facea young actor in South Korea There is also a clip that came out to see it too. Causing fierce and harsh criticism on social media for several days in a row The media themselves have always tried to connect and find a way to ask about the truth from P’ma’s mouth which is the latest in Ma’s IG and Facebook Mae’ the oldest horse has updated the message about the incident saying “Young journalists, see you on 30 November. Oh, my God.” Followed by the caption “I heard that the young journalists will be waiting for Ma at the airport on the 29th. The plane landed very late. Don’t wait.

Let’s meet on November 30th at 3pm at MYT Studio Krungthep Kreetha. Yes, I’m ready to talk to everyone. Thank you journalists for your kindness. and always cute with you, P’Ma”… bydramaThis time it started whenAttorney Tam Sitra Came out to post a message revealing the behavior “Big actors hit the faces of younger actors in the middle of the famous department store”, which is considered a customer to improve the handsome in South Korea. Because he was not satisfied with not coming down to eat crab together, Lawyer Tam continued to post it, pointing out that the target had implications aimed at the person who punched the face of an actor the Little Color Channel. Leaving the industry due to being banned and reveals that the aforementioned actor has filed a complaint

On the side of netizens, their aim was to point the name to “Ma Onnapha” because although it is news, the person also checked in South Korea.

Then “Ma Onnapha” came out to open his mind through the program. “Beating the news desk” pointed out the fact and contradicted the famous lawyer that what was written was exaggerated. Don’t use that. And prepare to make a statement on November 29 after returning to Thailand

Later, “Black Ant Kachapha” spoke on the revealing program “I had a conversation with a close friend of a horse, “Tee Garam”, the other party said. “A horse is a mouthful of hands.” But this person must have been angry and probably very hurt. As to why I didn’t eat crab too or not, I don’t know. But the child just made a face, does it hurt? Hit the face, it hurts already The child was amazed. At first, Ma said I’m sorry, it’s over, but it seems that the child’s parents refused. He went to hit his child and the child said, oh, he’s the one who paid for it.

While netizens on Twitter with the hashtag #Onnapha horse analyzed the question. about eating that crab Will there be hidden implications or not, and how will it be a matter of not coming down to eat crab too? There is also a message that raises the previous drama story to link behavior, calling “Ma Onnapha” as “Uncle Pornchai” and so on.

Then “Ma Onnapha” moved again through Instagram. Post a message in English. Translate briefly for “salt and sugar”? caution

“Tam’s Lawyer” continues to move. by taking photos Actor of Chong Noi Si who traveled to report to the post and said, “He told him to adjust the understanding. How he didn’t like it?? until the end of the notice.”…

Tam Post said that “In younger age she was struck as a new star. There has only been one project. Not very famous yet My client went to the police station to ask for evidence in a clip.”

5:00 pm On November 26, 2022, “Lawyer Tam Sitra” released a clip stating that Appeared to see 2 people who were talking and not far back Another person who turned his back to the camera Bring your hand to the other person’s face, as if turning away or being hit with your hand until your face turns. before the clip cuts off

Then there was news that “Ma Onnapha” will hold a press conference on November 29, 2022 (after returning from South Korea).

As for the “Chong Noi Si” actor, he plans to return to Thailand on November 30, 2022 after returning from South Korea. decides again whether to make a statement or not

Before the latest, November 28, 2022, the horse will post an official press conference on November 30 at 3:00 pm at MYT Studio Krungthep Kreetha.

Onnapha's horse meets reporters

Onnapha's horse

Onnapha's horse

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