No need to move house! Rice wants to stay in London Interested in joining Arsenal

Foreign media said that England midfielder Declan Rice still wants to live in London, so “Cannon” Arsenal There is an advantage for other teams to have players join the army in the transfer market this summer.

It is quite clear that the 24-year-old footballer will move out of the country. London Stadium this summer by a midfielder from West Ham United has attracted the attention of many giants, in particular Bayern Munich which also includes Chelsea, Manchester United a Arsenal

until the last The Times Came out to report that Rice wants to live in football in London, England, because he wants to create a growing family here.

for Thomas Tuchel The Bayern coach was so interested in Rice that he had to call directly. And ready to pay around 87 million pounds for West Ham to consider, which will make him the club’s most expensive player, but Bayern are ready to offer players to change poles. to lower the value

side part Mikel Arteta Arsenal eyes on Rice as their main target For additional soldiers in the summer and Arsenal intend to sell players for around 180 million pounds to join the signing of this contract.

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