‘No one has any problem coming to Pakistan; What is the security concern for India alone?’

Islamabad – Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Najam Sethi has criticized India’s stance of not going to Pakistan for Asia Cup cricket. Najam Sethi asked in the press conference that there is no problem for any other team to come to Pakistan to play Asia Cup and why only India is so worried about security. The head of the Pakistan Cricket Board said that he will express his position in the meetings of the Asian Cricket Council and the ICC.

“Every team comes to Pakistan to play. They have no complaints. Why is India alone so concerned about security? If that is the case, we are also concerned about sending our team to India for the ODI World Cup. I will say these things in the upcoming meetings. We cannot support this situation in India, we have to host the Asia Cup,” said Najam Sethi.

“I have spoken to the government of Pakistan about the current situation. If India doesn’t come for the Asia Cup, but they suggest going there for the World Cup, what can we do? If they say don’t go, it will be a similar situation to India’s,” said Najam Sethi. The head of the Pakistan Cricket Board explained his position while a meeting of the International Cricket Council is due to be held this month. .

India continues to decide not to go to Pakistan for Asia Cup cricket. There is also consideration of shifting India’s matches in the Asia Cup to some other location like United Arab Emirates. Najam Sethi had earlier threatened that if India did not go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, he would not go to India to play the World Cup.

English Summary: We Can Also Have Security Concerns: Pakistan Board Head


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