No phone call … The Organizing Committee of the Games keeps silent Seiko Hashimoto’s “responsibility” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Seiko Hashimoto, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, mentioned at a press conference that the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games dismissed Kentaro Kobayashi (48), the “show director,” on July 22, the day before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. did.

Mr. Kobayashi was inundated with criticism when he made a statement in 1998 when he was active in the comedy combination era, and made a ridiculous statement about the Nazi administration’s genocide of Jews (Holocaust).

Chairman Hashimoto explained, “I didn’t know that such a thing existed at all.” Based on “diplomatic problems,” he said, “I was dismissed because I had to deal with it immediately.”

Regarding the opening and closing ceremony, musician Keigo Oyamada (52) has just resigned in just five days after it was announced that he will be in charge of music on July 15 due to bullying that he confessed in a magazine in the past.

“The turmoil of resignation and dismissal every day keeps calling for the responsibility of the Organizing Committee. Regarding the responsibility for appointing Mr. Keigo Oyamada, Chairman Hashimoto just said,” I am responsible. ” No specific disposition has been announced. “(Political Department reporter)

A scandal occurred the day before the opening ceremony, and the Tokyo Olympics continued to have trouble. This magazine applied for telephone coverage to the person in charge of the Organizing Committee in order to question the true meaning of Chairman Hashimoto’s remarks. However, I couldn’t hear the story because I couldn’t connect over and over again.

The Tokyo Olympics will start on the 23rd. What kind of “responsibility” does Chairman Hashimoto take?



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