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Kozhikode ∙ BJP state general secretary MT Ramesh said there is no politics in the raid on popular front offices and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is conducting legal matters. MT Ramesh said that the raid on the popular front offices and houses of the leaders is the law of the land moving in the direction of the law.

MT Ramesh said that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s attempt to drag the RSS in the rift between the Governor and the government is ridiculous. The government may have a difference of opinion with the governor on matters such as the appointment of the vice-chancellor of Kannur University and the signing of bills passed by the assembly. But RSS is not part of this. Pinarayi has no qualms about saying things that are not factual.

As a communist leader, he may have animosity towards the RSS. Pinarayi is linked to the murder of Vatikal Ramakrishnan, Kerala’s first political murder. Since then, he has been anti-RSS. People today cannot be treated like they used to do in the past by saying they are against the RSS. It is known to all that the Prime Minister and others ruling the country are associated with RSS.

The High Court has also upheld the illegal appointment of the Prime Minister’s private secretary’s wife in Kannur University. Ramesh said that the Home Secretary should file a complaint against the Governor as per protocol.

Don’t forget that the Congressmen who put Savarkar’s picture on a campaign board in Aluva during the Bharat Jodo Yatra and later removed it, gave Indira Gandhi a stamp in memory of Savarkar. Ramesh said that Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru spoke good words about Savarkar.

English Summary: MT Ramesh on NIA raid in Popular Front Offices

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