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no problem! Muangthong invaded Nakhon Si FC 4-1, progressing to the 32nd round of the FA Cup

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Chang FA Cup 2021/22 round of 64 football competition, the final team between MH Nakhon Si FC opened the house to receive the visit of “Kilen swagger” Muang Thong United at Ban Song Subdistrict Municipality Stadium Surat Thani Province On Wednesday, October 27

The game started in the first 2 minutes, MH Nakhon Si greeted first. From the ball thrown into the penalty area as Nattawut Iamchan ran to tackle But the ball still fell off the pole.

In the 12th minute, the visiting team missed an opportunity to take the lead. From a free-kick in front of the penalty area of ​​Purachet, the ball flew into the crossbar, unfortunately.

Kilen swung out to lead 1-0 in the 15th minute from the corner of the ball arrived. Paramet Ajwilai flipped and shot with the right. The ball flew into the goal decisively.

In the 28th minute, Muangthong United had an opportunity to score more goals. Peerapong Panyanumaporn flowed the ball for Purachet to deep fry, ran to shoot, did not catch. The ball fell off the first post a bit.

The score moved to 2-0 in the 35th minute that Chutikhom Klin Champasri filled the game into the penalty area before flowing for Teeraphol to sneer and ran to dunk right into the door.

In the 42nd minute, MH Nakhon Si almost got the goal. From a quick stroke, Teeraphat Kerdkunchorn swayed to avoid the visiting team. Before the trigger shot, the ball hit the pole after the first half ended, Muang Thong United led 2-0.

Came back in the second half, 52 minutes, the visiting team had a chance to win before Peerapong Panyanumaporn stabbed the ball for Purachet to deep fry a single slip into the penalty area. But the home defender can still follow the block.

In the 61st minute, MH Nakhon Si came to a goal, chasing a 1-2 from the rhythm that slipped into the penalty area of ​​Worawut Srisawat, touching to escape Somphon Yot before going in easily.

In the 84th minute, Kilin swung to the goal, leading 3-1 from the stroke of throwing into the penalty area, Paramet Ajwilai had a full right-footed shot. The ball flew into the goal.

In injury time, the visiting team came to score 4-1 more from the ball falling into the penalty area. Teeraphon mocked before dunking with the left. The ball passes through the hand of the home goalkeeper.

End of the game, Muang Thong United defeated MH Nakhon Si 4-1 and progressed through to the last 32 of the final team successfully.

List of players of both teams
MH Nakhon Si FC : Suriya Kananurak (GK), Thapana Homko (Sarawut Chitthai p. 84), Songpol Plaimuang, Somsak Srirod, Worawut Srisawad (Sakda Multhichan, p. 65), Teeraphat Kerd Kunchorn (Limsakul Aphiphayaphong, p.65), Nattawut Iamchan, Suphakrit Suphak, Phantakorn Krongnuch (Apichat Nuibutr, p.51), Hatsarayuth Thongklam, Natdanai Ketpan
Muangthong United : Somporn Yos (GK) (Chalermphat Ploywaenrattana, n.90), Suporn Pinakatapho, Chatchai Saengdao (Jesse Curran, n. 55), Marco Balli This, Chutikhom Klinchampasri (Wattana Sawatdara, n. 55), Patcharaphon Inthanee, Purachet Todsanit (Phicha Utra, n. 62), Phumin Kaewta, Peerapong Panyanumaporn (Wongsakorn Chaikultewin, p.55), Teeraphol Yoeyay, Paramet Ajwilai
Referee : Kochapoom Mee Sridecha


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