‘No-show’ Ronaldo has become a habit again… Manderby’s no-show action confirmed

[인터풋볼] Reporter Daesik Kim = Cristiano Ronaldo went to Portugal without the knowledge of Manchester United manager Ralph Langnick.

Manchester United lost 1-4 to Manchester City in the 28th round of the English Premier League (EPL) for the 2021-22 season held on the 7th (Korean time). Manchester United, who failed to secure a point, fell to fifth place in the league behind Arsenal.

The aftermath is still there with the shame of losing 1-4 to the rival team. Ronaldo was not included in the roster despite an important match in the Manchester derby. The reason was a hip joint injury. It can happen to anyone that a player cannot participate in the match due to an injury, but the problem is that Ronaldo did not appear on the pitch.

In general, in important matches, even if injured, players sit in VIP seats or behind benches to watch their teammates play. But Ronaldo was not at the Etihad Stadium, but had flown to Portugal. It was an act that could seem disappointing to fans expecting Ronaldo to hold the centerpiece of the shaky Manchester United.

Coach Rangnick said: “I have to trust the Manchester United medical staff. Ahead of Friday’s training session, doctors said Ronaldo could not train due to hip problems. The same reason continued on Saturday. That’s why he couldn’t be with the team.”

Additionally, it was confirmed that Ronaldo acted alone. The British ‘Telegraph’ reported on the 9th that “Ronaldo flew to Portugal to meet his family. Coach Rangnick was unaware that Ronaldo had moved to Portugal during the Manderby defeat. Manchester United confirmed that Rangnick was not aware of the situation at the time and that the trip was not approved through formal procedures.

In response to Ronaldo’s solo action, United explained that it is not uncommon for players to travel abroad to visit their families on a break, and that other players have done the same in recent weeks. Manchester United’s position is that Ronaldo was not obligated to watch the Man derby.

Although Manchester United’s position is not wrong, it seems that Ronaldo’s sole action will once again ignite the rumors of an internal feud that is shaking Manchester United.

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