No. T 21 Maryland in competition with Nebraska in the Big Ten competition

There were three properties in a Thursday match against Nebraska from 13th place in the United Center in the second round of the 2019 Big Ten, Maryland coach coach Mark Turgeon.

Two shots were lost – one in the lane at the sophomore guard Darryl Morsell, the other later by former Morsell colleague, Jalen Smith – followed by a turnover at Bruno Fernando's sophomore center.

Turgeon had seen a lot.

"Wake up! REMEMBER!," He screamed.

It is unclear whether the fifth fifth seed, No. 21-ranked pleas to coach, but certainly did not care for them. They pulled the covers back on their heads, and went back to sleep, and they were only going to contrast.

Not only was it the third loss in the last four games, and the seventh in the last 13 for Maryland (22-10) after its 16-3 start, but it was also the third year that the Terps lost Big Ten tournament openings.

Unlike the last two seasons, when Maryland lost the third seed to Northwestern sixth-seed in Washington, DC, in 2017 and as the eighth seed to Wisconsin in New York's 9th seedling, this is the first Turbo postseason loss that two-digit seed.

“You know, we were not very good today,” said Turgeon later. “I'll really be true to you. And Nebraska thought, I think, was amazing, especially when they needed to be, made a clock shot down, many shots. You know, we never did. ”

Fernando said: “We couldn't make shots. We couldn't do much. They wanted it more than we did. This showed how we did and the shots we got. They played harder than we did. As a team we must work together and improve from this and ensure that we do not have the same feeling and experience as we go up for our next game. ”

Unlike the loss that occurred to the Badgers at Madison Square Garden last year, which ended 19-13 for Maryland, Turgeon's team will play again. But loss is likely to succeed Thursday with a lower seed – probably No. 6 in place of No. 5 – and tighter road in the NCAA competition.

And like the loss for the Wildcats at Verizon Center two seasons ago, the Thursday defeat is sure to lose the crescendo criticism about how the Countries are struggling towards the end of the season after a quick start. Two years ago, Maryland seed lost No. 6 to seed No. Xavier No. 11 in Round 64 in Orlando.

Never control

The Terps, who hit the Cornhuskers in College Park in early January on a late basket with Smith and blew them 15 points in Lincoln in early January behind Smith's first double double in Big Ten game, never happened after After a turnaround inside Smith Smith added 10-9 with 12:30 to go in the first half.

In total, the Terps were in charge for two minutes and 18 seconds.

After getting the score at 14 with 7:51 left in half on free throws at the men's guard Eric Ayala, Maryland looked as a Terp-killer led by James Palmer Jr, Nebraska (18-15). ) a 16-3 run. Palmer scored 14 of the top 24 points in the game, as the Cornhuskers went to the dressing room and 12 of them.

“I think as a team and alone, when you come in for a shot and memories, we 're forced to make that stuff more serious and start to focus on the clothes to be We accepted in the game, ”Fernando said.

“We had to give Nebraska credit. They played last night [beating No, 12 seed Rutgers]. They made many shots and good plays down the stretch. We could not proceed abusively. ”

A team that was reduced to six scholarship player and a few walk – one of them, junior guard Johnny Trueblood, even a trash with a Maryland bench after he had 3 pointer to dig in the first half – spoke the shot Terps to 18 sad for the game, with their 3-for-20 includes 3-for-20.

The junior guard Anthony Cowan Jr was in charge of the Terps with 18 points, but he had not lost his first five shots and had only two free throws in the first 30 minutes, scoring his points after Nebraska one short at Maryland in the second half when a lead made 14 points cut to five.

Fernando gets frustration

Nebraska coach Tim Miles said team 4 No. Wisconsin in the fourth quarter of Friday, in the post-match news conference that his team was aiming to eliminate Fernando and Cowan. Although Cowan was getting too late, Fernando was never going to make a big impact.

The 6-foot-10 Angolan, selected the first All-Ten Ten team earlier in the week, finished with three low-season points, taking four shots only. He also had eight rebounds and three blocks.

“We just wanted to sharpen it as much as possible, but do it in a crowd, put it different guys, whatever it took,” said Miles. “And then you have a certain risk. I'm always worried about Anthony Cowan, too, going from the way he can, but we have to go to Bruno, and we did. You don't meet Maryland without trying to neutralize both. ”

It was clear that Fernando was upset by how he and his team were playing. At some points, he came to the bench talking with Turgeon and with the assistant coaches about how the lane put too much pressure on him, and participated at Nebraska double and triple teams.

“I knew they had to double the team for me all the time, I think, they did a very good job then tonight,” Fernando said. “We got a little stagnant. We could be moving much more without the ball. They did a great job for me. When they were amalgamating double with me, they were caught me right away and I made sure I turned the ball over or I took the ball out of my hands to someone else. ”

A second chance basket is expensive

Nebraska lost his first four chances of chance, and while the Cornhuskers scored only three after their eight offensive backups, it is certain that two differences in Maryland's inability to postpone a second half serious.

After driving and dunk at Morsell (helps 14 points, five points) with a deficit of 14 points to five, 35-30, a little about 15 minutes left, it seemed that the Terps were ready to take in. after the media stop with 14:46 left.

Palmer lost a jumper, but Tanner Borchardt grabbed one of his five offensive repetitions and scored it right before the next 30-second clock expired. He started running 9-0 for the Cornhuskers who never recovered Maryland.

“There was no doubt that Maryland was on the attack and we could not delay them,” said Miles. “You know, at any time that you get extra hold of that and you can run an extra clock, it's like a running game, right, and I think it was huge.”

A second chance chance came later after Cowan cut the deficit to six with a remaining 2:27. Trueblood struck the offensive from 3 lost pointers and Palmer buried his 3 as the clock stopped 30 seconds again.

“We weren't there mentally today, I can't explain it,” said Turgeon.

Technical technical Turgeon

With Maryland trailing 46-37, Morseal steal and seemed to have been affected by an obstacle, which left him badly lost. Turgeon left immediately, took a few steps on the court and put his dissatisfaction loudly.

Referee Steve McJunkins technically gave an immediate present, which was very similar to discouraging the Maryland coach and warned two assistant coaches in Maryland to pull their foot back to the bench.

The four-point Cornhuskers scored – the senior guard Glynn Watson Jr. (two points) spends two free and Isaiah Roby (15 points, six rebounds, three blocks) ahead to push the lead back to 13.

When asked about the things that caused technical matters, Turgeon said: “Yes, I was too much on the floor. It should not be done. I thought Darryl got fouled, but did not. That's the most important thing. It should not be technical. ”

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