No wages were paid even after the housework was completed; Finally the worker with the Atakai application

Most of the news is about house builders and contractors cheating the owners. But in some cases, there are people who trust the owner and are worried about not getting the salary for the work done after the work is completed. A protest by a tile worker against the owner of the house is now in the news after he was not paid even after months of finishing the tiling work on the roof of the house. The incident took place in Melbourne, Australia.

Eight months ago, a man called Simon McPherson took on the task of laying tiles on the roof of a man called Adrian Padoin’s house. Adrian was handed a bill for $6,994 (four lakh rupees) after the work was completed. But months later, Simon received nothing apart from the deposit he paid before starting work. Many people asked for money, but Adrienne always ignored him, saying that he had some money and would pay it in a few days.

After eight months of not receiving the money, Simon threatened to remove all the tiles he had installed if the money was not paid. But Adrien didn’t take Simon’s threat at face value and even then he didn’t bother to pay. Although the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal exists to arbitrate such disputes, complaining there is too expensive, so Simon decided to deal with the matter himself.

So a few days ago, Simon came to Adrian’s house, climbed onto the roof, picked up the tiles one by one and started throwing them down. Adrien also got into an argument with Simon, who watched helplessly. Photos of the incident, captured by one of Simon’s employees, have also emerged. In the video, Adrien can be seen shouting to get off the roof and attack if he comes down. But Simon said the tiles are his unless he pays, and will only come down after they are removed.

With this, Adrien asked the worker who was recording the video to come close and stop the protest, but the answer they got was that if they paid the bill, they would install the tiles themselves. Both sides called the police for help, but no action was taken against them. In the end, Adrian was adamant that no matter how much damage Simon caused, he would restore the tiles, but under no circumstances would he pay Simon.

Adrian explained that Simon should have been a little more patient and that he was ready to pay the debt in a week or two. Adrienne believes that the act of damaging the tiles is extremely despicable and will have a negative impact on Simon’s career.

English Summary – Worker Tears Up Roof Tiles in Protest for Not Being Paid

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