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Chelsea acquired a wing-back in the January transfer window

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Chelsea have had two of their worst news in the past week. Left wing-back Ben Chilwell, who was out of play last November due to a knee injury, eventually went to the operating table and was judged out of the season. In the match between Brighton & Hove Albion on December 30 (Korean time), right fullback Rhys James was substituted early due to an injury.

According to the sports media ‘The Athletic’, James’ injuries may not be minor. The media speculated that a hamstring rupture would result in at least three months of absence. In the worst case, it could be out of season.

In other positions, Thiago Silva, Andreas Christensen, and Hakim Ziyech are also injured, but the vacancy in the wing-back position is even more painful. Unlike other positions that remain, even if there is an alternative resource, there is no good alternative for the wingback position.

Marcos Alonso is left wing-back. Cesar Aspilicueta can be a right wing-back, but recently Aspilicueta has been playing most of the matches as the three-back’s main centre-back. There are a lot of injuries in the centre-back, so it is difficult for Aspilicueta to move to wing-back. For this reason, in the last match against Brighton, flank striker Christian Pulisic took on the right wing-back.

After the match against Brighton, coach Thomas Tuchel complained of frustration, saying, “We need to find a player who is ready to play. There are no more wingbacks. It’s all injuries.”

According to the British Daily Mail, Chelsea wanted to reinstate Emerson, who was transferred to Olympique Lyon on loan, but Lyon refused. Emerson is a player Chelsea tried to dispose of after being evaluated as out of line under Tuchel’s manager last season. The situation is so serious that even the target of the release had to be summoned.

Fortunately, the January transfer window is open. It’s time for Chelsea to find a short-term solution to their wingback problem. Chelsea are looking for wingback resources that have proven their skills in the big leagues.

The player most often mentioned in the local media is Luca Dinho. After playing in big clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona, ​​he has been playing for Everton since 2018. Dinyu, who has been a key player in the team for the past three seasons, is being treated less than usual. In December, he gave up his starting spot to Ben Gorfrey.

It is increasingly likely that Everton will send Dinyu out of the January transfer window. It has been reported that Digne and Rafael Benitez have broken up. Everton could sell the Digne to raise money for the transfer. Realistically, this is the best sale Chelsea can aim for.

According to British ‘Express’, Chelsea are also considering the possibility of signing AC Milan’s key defender Theo Hernandez after Chilwell’s out-of-season is confirmed. After playing Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, Theo has been a key resource for AC Milan since 2019. AC Milan’s left flank attack revolves around Theo. This season, he has scored 2 goals and provided 5 assists in 15 league appearances (13 starts).

Unlike Dinho, there are too many obstacles for Chelsea to sign Theo in January. AC Milan, who are competing for the title in second place this season, are unlikely to allow the ace to leave mid-season. There is no rush to sell. Theo’s contract with AC Milan expires in 2024. (File photo = coach Thomas Tuchel)

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