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“No, you have to do a nucleic acid test first!” One person can save a city | Blog Post

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“He saved a city by himself!”

October 21st was the third day that Dong Wenjun, a Ningxia tour group chartered driver, was quarantined at a hotel in Wuzhong City. After arriving in Wuzhong City on the afternoon of October 18th, Dong Wenjun insisted on taking 10 Zhejiang tourists who had just visited Ejina Banner and had been infected with the new crown virus to go for nucleic acid testing before going to dinner. With extremely high alertness and sense of responsibility, the greatest This reduced the risk of the spread of the epidemic in Wuzhong City and Ningxia.

“He saved a city!”-Ning Xiabao reported Dong Wenjun’s actions with such a headline. At this moment, he seems to have become the hero of the city of Wu Zhong.

Dong Wenjun in isolation.

Dong Wenjun in isolation.

Since October 18, Dong Wenjun, who has become a “close contact,” has so far undergone 9 nucleic acid tests, all of which are negative. Over the phone, he told reporters from Beijing Daily about this rather thrilling trip to Ejina Banner.

Dong Wenjun, 46, is a native of Yinchuan. He is a chartered car driver for Ningxia International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Since 2008, he has been engaged in the tourism industry, and as a driver and tour guide, he has taken countless tour groups from the south to the north. Nine days ago, on October 12, he drove a 17-seater van to pick up a 10-person Zhejiang tour group from Yinchuan Hedong Airport, and led them to start the 8-day Ningxia-Gansu-Inner Mongolia Ejina Banner trip.

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