Nobody’s Sky Coming to Mac, Another Rumor Hints About Apple AR/VR Glasses

The developer of No Man’s Sky has announced that the game is now available for Mac. With support for cross playback is another suggestion AR/VR glasses Apple rumors

No Man’s Sky is now available for Mac.

Go back to last year If anyone remembers, at WWDC 2022, Apple announced Metal 3, the latest version of the graphics framework that will help create a better gaming experience on the Mac.

It has released two games that will support this feature, Resident Evil: Village and No Man’s Sky.

Hello Games, the developer of No Man’s Sky, has announced that their game is now playable on Mac (June 1, 2023) Coming soon to the Mac App Store.


The game will be supported on all Macs with Apple Silicon chips, as well as on Macs with Intel Core i5 chips. PC, VR and Console combined (except Nintendo Switch)

No Man’s Sky is a virtual reality game that can now be played on the PSVR 2 on the Playstation.

No Man’s Sky VR was previously rumored to be supported by Apple’s AR/VR headset, and we may be able to see gameplay and features during the upcoming WWDC23 launch event.

It’s called another very interesting Apple AR/VR glasses clue. Anyway, you have to wait to win and follow each other again for the WWDC23 event, where the event will be held on June 6, 2023 at midnight Thailand or the night of June 5, enter the morning of June 6.2023

source: the edge


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