“Noi River” floods the hundred-year market Prepare to enter the city of “Ang Thong”

situationfloodin the province areaAng Thong Today (16 Oct. 65) leftRoyal Irrigation Department increasing the amount of drainage through the small river Consequently, the mass of water continues to increase until a small river Flooding the banks, eroding the water barrier, flooding people’s houses and various places.

especially San Chao Rong Thong Market orhundred year market in San Chao Rong Thong Subdistrict area, AmphoeWisetchaichan stateAng Thong cheapfloodFull area affecting people to buy food.

Recently, it has been found that the amount of water in the market continues to increase becausepumpSome locations set in the damaged area Around 2:00 am

preliminary Mr Somsak Prissanathakul Former Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives and Mr Paradorn Prissanantakul Members of the Provincial House of RepresentativesAng Thong coordinated to request support for an additional pump from Nonthaburi Province to help speed pumping water from the market back to normal quickly

There was also that a small river Floods inundated people’s houses in Bang Rakam Sub-District, Pho Thong District Ang Thong Province began to expand and run off across the Bang Plub – Chaiyo Road a distance of several kilometers before flooding the houses of the people in the area to several points

This mass of water will flow into the Lam Tha Daeng canal. and Thung Khun Inthapramun But if the amount of water cannot be controlled, soon the water will flow towards the economic zone in the urban area.Ang Thong

making it now a municipalityAng Thong have prepared to protect the economic area so that it will not suffer flooding

how much watera small river The increase was a result of North Water Management.Chao Phraya Dam and now it affects the west coast widely

for the latest situationChao Phraya Dam In Chainat province, it was found that the drainage is continuously reduced. The drainage is now 3058 cubic metres/second. Water above the dam 17.68 metres, water at the bottom of the dam 17.17 metres.

Cause the water level at Chonlamart Station C7A in front of Ang Thong City Hall at 9.53 meters/SRT Water flows through 2,733 cubic meters per second.

whilea small river Mani Watergate rubber, drainage 57.04 cubic meters / second, water above the door 9.60 meters, water behind the door 9.56 meters.

with reports that the provinceAng Thong It has been affected in 5 areas, namely Chaiyo District, Mueang District, Pa Mok District, Pho Thong District and District.Wisetchaichan People’s houses were flooded, 40 sub-districts, 187 villages, 6876 houses.

And there are many places where the water overflows the banks. the state isAng Thong Ready to deal with people in the area and warn them to monitor the water situation closely.

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