Nok Noi announces a long break from work Life has to fight and fall and rise.

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13 August 2022 6:27 pm

After the Covid-19 began to recover, the concert began to come back as busy as before. as well as Mo Lam Faculty in Isan Sound with a large ship Nok Noi Uraiporn is the founder of the largest company Mor Lam and famous throughout the Thai sky

As many fans have seen by now Isaan sound Start returning to the line to receive the concert as usual. whether traveling in different areas including organizing a closed group concert online for fans Bought a ticket to visit

Most recently, today (13 Aug 65) Mae Nok Noi came out to go live via a Facebook fan page. Mo Lam Siang Isan Noknoi Uraiporn to greet the fans to recover from losing them. Before going to a concert show tonight with many Mo Lam groups, such as Isaan, Little Petch Ban Phaeng, Mai Tai, and Jai Sin, it is called a fun competition through online channels.

In some parts of the live clip, Mae Nok Noi has announced to those fans “After this 14 August. 65 willstop playing a long concert for the team to rest by preparing to stay at Baan Tong Ha To allow hero-heroine Mo Lam to practice singing rehearsals for new shows

which after the end of these 3 concerts We will not see each other for a long time. Everyone is doing their job. My mother also joined the filming set. Each team, the heroine, the heroine will have to do a big workout.

as well as giving thoughts and thoughts to the fans who came to watch “Life must fight What we see may not be the same. In life we ​​fight and we have hope to fight. Not fighting and without goals Everyone fell and got up. People who fall, don’t cross, have to encourage each other. When you have breath, tell each other you love each other Don’t get worse Say you love me today It’s better than holding a wreath to say I love you.

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