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Nokia C10 enters the budget smartphone market 2,490 baht

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Saturday 29 May 2021, 20.09

Nokia C10, a budget smartphone for only 2,490 baht, is available in Thailand. Raising flags to invade the mass market Complete specifications, more than the price

“Nokia C10” is ready to be officially launched in Thailand this June 3, penetrate the mass market at a price of only 2,490 baht, the specification is better than the price. Scan QR code, easy to transfer, pay quickly, every mobile banking of every bank. Including an application, we won the doctor’s pocketbook, ready to support WFH work and study online. Large screen, 6.5 inches full HD + crystal clear level Long-lasting battery, full-day use, comes with an Android operating system (Go edition), a 5-megapixel front and back camera, sleek design, premium Scandinavian style, tested and in depth, pay attention to every detail. The durable Nokia model is able to provide 2 years of continuous quarterly security updates.

HMD Global, the owner of the rights to distribute smartphones and accessories. Nokia brands around the world Launch of the latest C-series smartphones. With its superior design quality, sleek, modern Scandinavian design, the Nokia C10 is born in the company’s portfolio as a product that has been rigorously tested and with close attention to detail. Even the case is ergonomically designed. In order to be able to hold the device comfortably

Stephen Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, HMD Global, said: “Due to the high cost-performance popularity of the C-series, we are now looking for a new product. The company then expanded its scope to continue its mission of providing connected devices accessible to everyone, believing that the new “Nokia C10” will be the best smartphone at an affordable price. Users will be comfortable with the solid and sleek Nokia phone design quality and all-day battery life. With a premium feel With a textured back cover Micro texture (micro-texture) that the unibody (unibody) can be removed. “

Enjoy every moment

With all-day battery life and a remarkably crisp 6.5 ” HD + screen. It will be more fun to spend some quiet time alone or with your family. Users can enjoy their favorite music while traveling to work. Or sit back and watch movies with your family, because the new “Nokia C10” is the perfect choice for both people who want their own time and family time. At a price that anyone can see must fall in love with

The new “Nokia C10” features front and rear LED flashes paired with an HDR camera, making it possible to capture and share beautiful special moments. Even in low light Whether it’s a selfie in the evening Or accidental images of children to send to family chat groups

Can be trusted about speed

With Android 11 ™ (Go edition) available in the factory new “Nokia C10” comes with the latest software innovations. Based on HMD lab testing, the loading speed is 20% faster than before and with improved safety features. User data is more secure with Android ™ 11 (Go edition), which allows more space in the device memory and uses less data. According to a recent survey, some smartphone users have lowered confidence about it, but Nokia customers can feel safe knowing everyone’s data is stored in Finland. Among the high standards of data protection of the European Union

Durable design for long use

The new “Nokia C10” combines design with decades of ingenuity and expertise. This makes this smartphone a showcase of the Viking heritage. This is coupled with the Nokia smartphone’s trademark durability with superior build quality tested. And attention to every detail This is evident from the ergonomic case. With a micro-textured finish for easy handling Even the user is a child with small hands.

“Nokia C10” stands out against competitors.

It’s the best price smartphone. Most accessible Among the models with a 6.5 ” HD + display
To be the leader in mobile security with a special emphasis on value. With 2 consecutive years of quarterly security updates
Available with AndroidTM 11 Go edition operating system immediately after activation. Which is difficult to find in a smartphone in the same price range
Features dual HDR video with front and rear LED flashes. Help take photography to the next level.

Paradorn Ramabut, Business Development Manager, HMD Global added that the new Nokia C10 started selling in Thailand from June 3, available in two colors: Light Purple and Gray, model 2 / 16GB at a price of only 2,490 baht and get a free 32GB memory card Nokia C10, counted as a budget smartphone. That has the potential to meet the needs of smart phone users in the New Normal era, fully functional Can scan QR code More quickly and easily Support for use with applications “Pang Tang” and “Mor Ready”, including applications of all banks. And applications for various delivery services. Nokia C10 “is a budget smartphone. Thai people have the opportunity to access smartphones To be used more in daily life Especially during “Contactless society” to reduce COVID-19 infection And makes it easier to spend cashless money They can also be used for work during WFH or for your child to study online. And listening to music, watching movies, believe that Nokia C10 users will love and trust. Because even though it is an entry-level smartphone for a low price, but confident that users will Love it, love it and Trust it, including Keep it, can be used for longer. With the quality of durable materials And there is also a Nokia Mobile Care Delivery after-sales service, supporting the maintenance of the device throughout Thailand. With the concept of “anywhere, can be fixed

Nokia C10 is a smartphone priced at 2,490 baht, the specification exceeds the price.It comes with a HD screen resolution of 720 x 1600, a large 6.5-inch screen, crystal clear level, big and sharp. Battery capacity up to 3,000 mAh can be used continuously all day long. Which is unique to Nokia smartphones with AndroidTM 11 Go edition operating system.

The new “Nokia C10” is available at dealers across the country. Big C Supercenter and TG FONE stores (only participating branches) and online channels such as Shopee https://nokiaphon.es/product4a5149 Lazada https://nokiaphon.es/productsd70a07 and JD Central https: // nokiaphon. es / mahcard9ef072

More information about the new “Nokia C10” https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_th/nokia-c-10

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