‘Nolto’ Kim Doo-young “If I get the problem right, food? I’m So-so Jwa” → Moon Se-yoon “I’m full with Sujeong and 2 cups”

Moon Se-yoon was stuck with comedian Kim Doo-young’s news instinct. Photo iMBC Entertainment NewsPhoto iMBC Entertainment NewsPhoto iMBC Entertainment News
On tvN’s ‘Surprising Saturday’, which aired on the 7th, comedians Lee Sang-jun, Kim Doo-young, Kim Hae-joon, Lee Guk-joo, and Lee Eun-ji were guests while New Year’s comedians get attention .

On this day, each of MC Boom’s guests introduced themselves by asking about their current situation. When I told Lee Sang-jun, “Lee Sang-jun said he had concerns and questions before appearing in the New Year special,” Lee Sang-jun said, “I actually thought that Lee Guk-joo and the two of us appeared, so I thought, ‘Ah, now you’re trying to hug me in Nolto.’ During the interview, I found out that there are 5 guests. There are many people who have many sub-characters and individual skills, so I’m worried if I can show the amount.”

Following that, Boom drew attention by saying to Kim Doo-young, “Kim Doo-young’s poetry burns with passion and desire to compete, but in the end it is said that he lost his will.”

Kim Doo-young said, “I like solving quizzes and problems, so I tried my best, but if I do it right, I’ll give you food. I’m a sophomore, so I’m not really ( lust).” Then, Mun Se-yoon said, “I saw something at a first birthday party before. After eating two cups with Sujeong, he said, ‘I’m full, so I’ll go.’ I thought I had a meal.”

iMBC Cha Hye-rin | Photo courtesy = tvN

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