Non Thanon insists that she does not know the female VJ. On the real side, Ro explained

However, when such a thing happened The young VJ immediately came out to clarify that “Who followed from Phi Non’s story? We have to tell you that it’s a misunderstanding. But we were not calm. We have contacted Brother Bee Marketing and have already told the details to that side. Now, Bie is going to talk to Nont. When I entered the event, I went in openly. no impersonation Personally, I am a fan of Nong Non. Likewise, there was no malicious intent. all that will cause Nont to disgrace his reputation.”

“As for the issue, how do you go to the graduation ceremony? Do you know each other? That is, we know P’ Non in a live app. They talked for a very long time and were quite close, like brothers and sisters. That’s why we went Because we thought it was really him, so we went.

1. On the day of the event, we do not sneak in. We went with one of the elders who knew P’Non’s way.

2. We and that elder were fussed that it was true, which we secretly asked Non as well. Because I want to know, but you answer, but the answer looks like a real joke. So we don’t Take a photo and go back.

3. After the event that day, we didn’t get anything, didn’t think anything until the elder who knew him, talked to the account of Non like us. He’s capturing it for you to see. which the information he told was the same as on the day of the event So we believe it’s you playing. which we know the truth When I saw today’s story as well So I know that someone is impersonating Nont. Which for the reasons we have mentioned, it makes me believe that it is the real thing, so I post congratulations like that. which every word that we type is true And again, not to impersonate or impersonate any relatives or close people. because of the day I went with you I went to know if it was real or fake and that day I had a conversation with both Non and Pim, all of this is the truth from our side. We ourselves saw our pictures in IG, Non we were shocked as well. We tried to contact Phi Phi and the other side as we could, really. From the bottom of our hearts, we didn’t want to make Non to discredit or become a sasaeng. As everyone thinks. and that didn’t come out to speak at all because we also waited on the side of Nont to find out first.”

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