“Nong” cleared completely, “Four-Kaykai” work together without sparks Single heart Status, very close

When asked about the relationship with “Four”, many people cheered. What’s the deal?

“Here, I will tell everyone. is that it starts from Brawd Four and I have known each other for a long time. One day we have a YouTube channel, they saw that we were making content. He came to invite us to take a clip together or not. As a guest, I was fine. I went to shoot. I’m not sure how this trend came about. I don’t know why people come to raise Jin. And then there are tapes that Brother Four has to film for me. It’s a collaboration, that’s all. Tik Tok shoots happen every time we work together. “

They are both single, so they are being watched?

“Oh… that is, me and Brother Four, if we don’t work together, we’ll never see each other. better to say that We meet often because work keeps coming in.”

Customers want us to work together?

“Perhaps it has to do with the habit of teasing each other, talking for fun, but never talking in that angle. Zero percent.”

Lots of people cheering?

“If you’re serious, you’ve never talked to each other on that side. Ask if there is a discussion about this. Brother Four already told me. I just went to shoot a clip with Brother Four. Nong said You must have enough I can’t find a husband anymore (laugh) Different people don’t think about anything.

Four hitting the brakes?

“It didn’t touch my brakes. There was no accelerator in the first place.”

Many people like to ask are you a fan?

“A lot of people ask. I answered the truth as I am answering now. “

Afraid of slipping and falling in love?

“Oh… how to make people believe? is that the picture comes out like that, right? mouth says nothing But when taking a TikTok clip, people come to find each other again. And if we meet again Take other clips, clips that are not virgin. Then I tell you that the picture that Phi Four posted says “Do you like it?” It was like this. I saw the picture while I was driving and the car was stuck at a red light. I noticed “Hmmm” and continued driving after finishing work, just picked up my phone to look. Why in IG are so many people tagging us? after finishing watching I just read the caption then. This is speaking honestly. and panic at once At first, I thought it would be good to delete it? But if it is removed, there will be doubt. So leave it like that and at night the page pushes it down. I told P’Four that the comment was gone because it was loud and that the word “um” had to be informed a bit first that it was a normal word I told P’Four. There is absolutely nothing hidden, just print like this without anything and if you don’t believe it, help you find an event for Phi Four. Let Brother Four come and speak.”

Are you single now?

“I’m single and I’m not closed either.”

single together How about a spark?

“Many others are single. Why don’t I flirt with others? We meet often because of real work.”

Have you ever thought about flirting?

“Like I said, I never thought about that side. If I can open the line to see 100%, it’s just about work.

When many people are holding each other Does it affect how other people come in?

“There are some, but I can explain.”

The other person with “Kay Kai”, many people wonder how they agree to be close?

“So, he’s a person in the same company. My YouTube channel is in the same company as Kaekai. So people in the company made an appointment for them to come and jam on each other’s YouTube channels. We ourselves are looking for guests. And he finished the first clip shooting as Brother Four. bounced up again I was also thinking why And the clip by the sea, I have to take it back to him, it’s a collab. and moments like that I’m a person who likes to take care of people already. very normal I worry about everyone, nothing, the same cause as Brother Four, no spark, no one now. is that I can work with everyone Everyone I shoot is pure work”.

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