“Nong Fern”, an autistic girl, is transformed until she is stunningly beautiful, ready to beat Mong, Miss Thailand 2022.

Another beautiful girl to watch and is coming strong It is very much talked about for “Nong Fern-Ponnaphaphan” 21 years old, contestant “Miss Thai 2022” who qualified for the final 50 with their own abilities purely and she is alsoautistic beauty queenThe first person in Thai history and came to inspire

latest “Nong Fern” has been changed to a big look. by receiving “Madame Pam”, a beauty blogger A famous YouTuber has adapted the look for her face, hair, and outfit that makes Nong Fern look so elegant that she has forgotten her original look.

In addition, “Madame Pam” is also preparing to take full care of “Nong Fern”, telling Nong Fern that Don’t worry about anything, just do your best.

“Nong Fern Ponnaphaphan” is another beauty queen. Despite being bullied for over 9 years just because he is autistic disabled but she has determination I want to stand up and fight to be a voice for the handicapped make society see the diversity Therefore decided to enter the contest on the stage “Miss Thai 2022” and have passed 50 finalists



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