“Nong Joy” the bride of “Keng Lai Camouflage” in a beautiful wedding dress

Entering the wedding door for another couple “Nong Joy Jirawan” Mom is also spicy and “Good camouflage” a famous net idol who held a wedding ceremony on November 22 at the Benedict Studio

Nong Joy Jirawan and Keng Laipung
after last year “Good camouflage” have wielded “Little Joy“Announce the good news that your girlfriend is pregnant. and entered the engagement ceremony in a warm atmosphere on October 25, 2021

smart, camouflage, marriagesmart, camouflage, marriage
Most recently, the couple had a good time on November 22, holding a wedding ceremony. “Little Genius” Girl working with “Joy Jirawan” wear a beautiful wedding dress like a princess It’s an island wedding dress. Luxurious embroidery from the brand Milan wedding

Makeup department Chat-Noppakorn Phetlum or “Make Up Nation A famous makeup artist comes to create sweet beauty for you. and the hair bun adds softness by I’m sorry

Nong Joy Jirawan and Keng LaipungNong Joy Jirawan and Keng Laipung
“Little Joy” has revealed that “Once in my life I didn’t think my dream was true. wedding in benedict Makeup with Mae Chat That’s all I’m so proud of now. From a black child helping Grandma and Grandpa sell Khao Lam, helping Grandma and Grandpa sell everything. I have come to this point today, I have everything, a house, a car, money, and a husband who is everything. Even if it makes us nervous sometimes Finally, my most valuable gift is My child feels very lucky.”

Nong Joy JirawanNong Joy Jirawan
congratulations to “Nong Joy Jirawan” and “good camouflage” also

Nong Joy Jirawan and Keng LaipungNong Joy Jirawan and Keng Laipung

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