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Nong Khai accelerates action to prevent dengue fever Fear of increasing the severity of Covid-19 | Channel 8 News

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Nong Khai Municipality Accelerate measures to prevent dengue fever that, if it happens, will enhance the severity of COVID-19 Emphasis on the elimination of mosquitoes in the community While the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 began to unravel more

Mr. Uruit Easakul, Mayor of Nong Khai Disclosure about measures to prevent dengue fever. that during this period there is an epidemic of COVID-19 And it is also during this season that the spread of dengue fever caused by Aedes mosquitoes. that, if it happens, will increase the severity of the COVID-19 will give the patient a high chance of death Nong Khai Municipality Therefore, there has been a measure to campaign through the VHV’s network. At the same time, officers have been sent to spray the Aedes mosquitoes in 43 communities in Nong Khai Municipality, and have launched a campaign for people in the community to help reduce Address of Aedes and Eliminate Aedes Aedes to prevent an outbreak of dengue fever Along with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there are the VHV and the sub-district health promotion hospital network. as a mainstay in the campaign

Regarding the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 Within the municipality of Nong Khai, the mayor of Nong Khai further revealed that After a period of time, people returned to their homeland. Therefore, 3 Nong Khai Field Hospitals have been established to support making the situation more relaxed Both the red, yellow and green patients After the patient was treated at the field hospital. Most patients were able to return. Therefore, this period is considered to be a period of slowdown. Although the number of patients but fewer deaths more returnees

For the management of the field hospital green sick person will be treated at Nong Khai Sanam Hospital 3 that has a spacious area Can accommodate a large number of patients up to 320 beds, reducing the work of medical personnel. As for Sanam Nong Khai Hospital 1 and Sanam Nong Khai 2 Hospital, it will be adjusted to be a detention and quarantine facility. which will make Nong Khai Hospital There are more beds to accommodate red and yellow patients. As for the green patients who have been healed, they gradually go home more and more every day, so they are confident that Nong Khai Province has been carried out correctly

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