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‘Nong Khai’ free influenza vaccination to the people at risk Ready to extend the injection time until 31 Dec.

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Nong Khai launches free flu vaccination campaign for people at risk in the area Revealing that some areas have been injected with influenza vaccination 80%, expect this November to be 100% complete, extending the injection period until 31 December 64

On October 28, 2021, Dr. Attaporn Limpanyalert Deputy Secretary-General of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), together with Dr. Kawee Weerasethakul, Director of NHSO, District 8, Udon Thani Province, visited the operation Influenza vaccination for people in 7 risk groups and 3 additional groups, including personnel or workers who provide care for patients with COVID-19. Groups in places where large populations are gathered are at risk of outbreaks. and other risk groups Depends on the situation at the Tambon Health Promoting Hospital (Sor. Hospital) Ban Nahee, Khai Bok Wan Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nong Khai Province

Monsit Paisanthanawat, Governor of Nong Khai Province gave an interview about the free flu vaccination campaign for people at risk in Nong Khai province that Nong Khai province fully supports this policy. so that people at risk groups in Nong Khai Province has received a thorough and comprehensive flu vaccination. Both with the situation of the outbreak of COVID-19 to watch out for If a patient is infected with these two diseases at the same time, the severity will increase. and have a higher chance of dying especially people at risk Nong Khai Province by the Nong Khai Provincial Public Health Office has campaigned for people at risk groups to meet the goals of NHSO receives free flu vaccine free of charge The vaccine can be obtained at a public health facility near your home.

Mrs. Witchuda Saengrung, a skilled nurse at Ban Nahee Hospital, Nong Khai Province, revealed that Ban Nahee Hospital has injected influenza vaccinations for more than 80% of the target group. The children aged 6 months-12 years are the most injected in this period. because the group is a chronic disease patient Most will go for the covid-19 vaccine first, however, it is expected that in November 2021 will be able to vaccinate more influenza in chronic diseases.

“People here are quite good at taking care of their health. Every year they ask for injections themselves. That is, he will know that this period will be the time of influenza vaccination. But we told him to finish the covid vaccination first. We’ll give you another flu vaccination. Which I think in November will be able to get 100% injections,” said Ms. Wichuchuda.

Mrs. Rassamee Thongket, chairman of the village health volunteer (Vol.) at Ban Nahee Hospital, Nong Khai province, said that at the moment, there are quite a lot of villagers coming in to get the flu vaccine, almost 90% of the target group. which is different in the beginning because most of the villagers Especially the elderly are worried about consuming the news that vaccination will cause death. Therefore, they have joined together to provide knowledge and campaign about influenza vaccine with villagers in the community.

“Some people don’t understand. Because I feel that I have received 2 injections of the Covid-19 vaccine is enough. But there are a lot of people, about 50 percent who understand. Vor. Ban Nahee will work with Sor. Ban Nahee Hospital to educate about influenza vaccine. which is what we do every year Because we go to the area often, who is handicapped, who is sick, who hasn’t been vaccinated, we know it all,” said Mrs. Rasmee.

Dr. Kawee Weerasethakul, Director of NHSO District 8 Udon Thani, said that for the flu vaccine. Will focus on risk groups, such as chronic disease patients, 7 disease groups, elderly groups, etc., but due to the COVID-19 vaccine now is urgent Therefore, the service unit will focus primarily on vaccination against COVID-19. meanwhile Once the COVID-19 vaccine has been vaccinated, people can still be vaccinated against the flu. But have to wait for the injection for 2 weeks as specified by the Department of Disease Control. Originally, you had to wait about 1 month.

However, the target of vaccination in the area responsible for NHSO District 8, Udon Thani amounting to 504,600 doses, 94,890 doses or 18.80%, daily vaccination rate of 840 doses. The remaining vaccine is expected as of December 30. 2021, amount of 361,845 doses, daily vaccination rate target 7,188 doses NHSO District 8 Udon Thani needs to speed up the communication of influenza vaccination. on expanding the target group to various departments at the district level, provincial level, and service unit level

“The influenza vaccine is confident in its safety. Because it has been produced and used for many years. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Health allows injections at the hospital level, unlike the Covid-19 vaccine that must be injected at the hospital. Therefore, at the hospital level, the VSC will be the most important force to persuade the target group to come to receive the vaccine,” said Dr. Kawee.

Dr. Attaporn Limpanyalert, deputy secretary-general of the NHSO, said that influenza vaccinations happen every year, and NHSO also takes part in organizing the vaccine. But this year, it will focus on 2 injections of COVID-19 vaccination and may cause some groups of people to be confused about whether the vaccination against COVID-19 will be able to get the flu vaccine or not. which must be said that it can be injected But if you want to be sure that the injection will be safe, it should be 1 month apart and come back to get the flu vaccination.
For people in 7 risk groups: 1. Patients with 7 chronic diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, diabetes) 2. People aged 65 years and over 3. Children aged 6 Months to 12 years 4. People with cerebral palsy who cannot help themselves 5. Thalassemia patients and people with immunodeficiency (SLE), including HIV infected with symptoms 6. Pregnant women, 4 months of gestation or more (hospital services throughout the year) 7. Persons weighing more than 100 kg or mass index Body (BMI) from 35 kg per square meter

“Now we add three more groups that are important to COVID. 1. A group of people who are personnel or workers on the prevention of COVID 2. People who work or live in crowded places at risk of getting COVID 3. Other risk groups It can be seen that when we expand Almost everyone can get influenza vaccination,” said Dr. Attaporn.

NHSO extends free influenza vaccination until December 31, 64, ready to add 3 more target groups

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