“Nong Kor Ya”, a young woman, was killed by a horseman, who smashed her head with a hammer, strangled her neck with a dumbbell chain, and threw her into the canal.

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  • The brutal murder case of “Nong Kor Ya”, a transsexual woman with beautiful white skin The body left in the second water canal near the gold market, Khlong Song Subdistrict, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province, causing shock to the villagers in the area . Later, the fisherman saw a body similar to a woman with long hair and good looks. floating under a house next to a canal before informing the police, Khlong Luang Police Station, on the afternoon of November 23, 2022
  • Before the body was discovered, the villagers heard people arguing at the bridge at the entrance to Pentref Lalin. at midnight Until one o’clock on November 23, the noise was quiet. Until someone found the limp body upside down, attacked on the head and neck wear a strapless brown shirt no shoes Wear a diamond ring on your left index finger. navel piercing with diamond jewelry Flower tattoo on the left back And in the pants pocket is a Mazda brand car key ring.

  • The local residents did not know the deceased. And there is no document confirming who he is and where he came from. When the body was taken for an autopsy, it was found that she is a lady who has had breast augmentation and genital transformation, around 20-30 years old, slim and tall. Later, the friend of the deceased came to see the police. Give information about who the deceased is, what friends call the name Nong Kor Ya, aged 29, who lives in Soi Kudi Chin. Wat Kanlaya Subdistrict, Thonburi District, Bangkok.
  • Nong Kor Ya left her car at Lumpini Park. Before disappearing with a group of young men who invited him to go in the car together at 11:00 PM on November 22, amid the concern of his friends until he became a corpse, he was tricked into a brutal murder and robbery in the area from Pathum Thani Province. Along with the missing property, iPhone brand mobile phone and gold necklace with Chanel pattern.

  • Police officers share their work. There is a surveillance camera at the scene of the incident. and along different routes until he learned that he was a 36-year-old man, a professional cyclist, who drove his car to park in a house in the Sai Mai area after the accident Before escaping to rent a room in Bangsaen Beach, Sansuk Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chonburi Province, but ended up being chased by the police and arrested by the police

  • “Ai Art”, a cruel rider, admits that he drove a car to pick up Nong Kor Ya. while standing next to a Mazda car in Lumpini Park When the victim believes he is getting into the car and presses his head Use a knife to kidnap and search property with a mobile phone only. So forced to hand over money, but Nong Kor Ya refused So used a hammer to hit his head until he agreed to hand over the 1,400 baht money before hitting the temple again with a hammer and driving onto the road along Khlong Song Near the entrance of Soi Bongkot 40

  • Ruthlessness is not the only thing. when he found that Nong Korya was not dead so used a chain tied to a dumbbell to hold the weight before throwing the body into the canal along with Nong Kor Ya’s iPhone brand mobile phone Before driving the car to park in the house and fled to Chonburi Province, claiming that it was only stealing, there was no intention to kill but fear of being caught by the police so hurt Nong Ko Ya Before bringing the body to leave and escape but he was arrested in the end.

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