Nong-O Hama Muay Thai Returns: Clearing the Drama After 5 Months of Disappearance

ONE Lumpini: Nong-O Hama Muay Thai Breaks Silence After 5-Month Disappearance

September 21, 2023 at 7:08 pm

Former Muay Thai Bantamweight champion, Nong-O Hama Muay Thai, has finally addressed the rumors and drama surrounding his sudden disappearance for the past five months. Putting an end to speculations that arose after his heartbreaking loss at ONE FIGHT NIGHT 9 last April, Nong-O Hama Muay Thai decided to come forward and address the concerns of his fans.

Nong-O’s undefeated record of 10 consecutive wins came to an abrupt end when he suffered a shocking knockout defeat from Jonathan Haggerty in the first round. Following the fight, Nong-O vanished from the media, leaving fans wondering about his whereabouts and upcoming battles.

Various rumors circulated, including claims that he had been banned from future ONE programs due to his loss or that he was not a favored candidate of the show. However, Nong-O has now presented a detailed explanation via his NONG O page Channel, clearing the air and dispelling any doubts.

The 36-year-old former world champion clarified that his disappearance was not connected to any favoritism issues. Instead, he revealed that he had taken time off to accompany his wife as she embarked on a spiritual journey, becoming ordained as a nun. Alongside their two children, Nong-O devoted himself to supporting his wife during this period.

Furthermore, Nong-O shared the intricate timeline of his activities over the past five months. After his fight in April, he had to travel to England for a month-long Muay Thai seminar. Subsequently, he spent another month in the US for further training. However, shortly after returning to Thailand and commencing his preparations, Nong-O fell seriously ill and had to be hospitalized for ten days. Following his recovery, he joined his wife to undergo ordination for an additional two weeks. Now, having fully recovered and regained his fitness, Nong-O is ready to make his comeback.

To express gratitude to his loyal fans, Nong-O will be participating in a Meet and Greet activity held before the ONE Lumpini 34 competition on Friday, September 22, at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium. This exclusive event will allow ticketed sports fans to meet Nong-O up close, take photographs, and receive a personally signed poster. However, availability of these special souvenirs is limited, and they will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fans can also catch the ONE Lumpini 34 fight live via (in select countries), Facebook, YouTube, and Channel 7HD. The event will kick off with the first match at 7:30 pm.

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This latest update from Nong-O Hama Muay Thai reassures his fans and marks his return to the world of professional Muay Thai.

ONE Lumpini: Nong-O Hama Muay Thai clears drama after disappearing in 5 months.

September 21, 2023 at 7:08 pm

“Nong O Hama Muay Thai” former king of Muay Thai Bantamweight (135-145 lbs.) came out to end the drama of being arrested by ONE just because he wasn’t his son. Willing to clarify questions about where they have been for the last 5 months. Back in the fight of ONE FIGHT NIGHT 9 last Saturday, April 22, “Nong O Hama Muay Thai” made sports fans all over Thailand heartbroken. After failing to retain the world title he held for more than 4 years, he lost by knockout in the first round to “Jonathan Haggerty” in a shocking way, ending his undefeated record at 10. Fight in a row, watch the clip ONE Fight Night 9 on April 22, 2023, Nong-O Hama Muay Thai vs. Jonathan Haggerty Nong-O vs. Haggerty (22 April 2023) after the end of the famous fight. He said that “Nong O Hama Muay Thai” has disappeared from the media. Including no news about the next battle. Until all the combat sports fans started to have doubts. what happened With the 36-year-old former world champion, there was even drama that “Nong-O Hama Muay Thai” was banned from the ONE program due to a resounding loss in his latest fight. Or even accusations that it is because “Nong O Hama Muay Thai” is not the darling child of the show. Recently, “Nong O Hama Muay Thai” has come out clearly to clear all doubts from fans through his NONG O page Channel. confirms Remove the issue of being raised by the show Or not ONE dear child, you can definitely leave. Along with explaining in detail the reasons for the disappearance over the last 5 months: Nong O while she was ordained as a nun, her two children and his wife while she was ordained as a nun. “The issue of being pickled can be removed. Definitely not a matter of love. The fact that there is no list yet is because I am not ready yet. Because after the last fight was over I had to travel to a Muay Thai seminar in England for 1 month and in the US for another month. When I returned to Thailand It’s only been about a week since we started training . He became seriously ill and had to go to hospital 10 days after his recovery. My wife took me to ordination for another two weeks, but now I’m starting to get back into practice. The physical condition has returned to normal. In terms of fitness, he is now 70-80%,” from “Nong O Hama Muay Thai,” who is now back in strong, fit condition again. Get ready to come back and meet your fans to get rid of your nostalgia at the Meet and Greet activity that will take place before the ONE Lumpini 34 competition on Friday, September 22 at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium from 18.30-19.00 for this activity , the rights are reserved only for ticketed sports fans to watch the historic big fight at ONE Lumpini 34 only. At the event, in addition to taking close-up photos with “Nong O Hama Muay Thai”, attendees You will also receive a poster signed by “Nong O Hama Muay Thai” for free. But only a limited number of these special souvenirs are available. In this event, whoever arrives first has first rights. Fans can watch the ONE Lumpini 34 fight live via (some countries) Facebook & YouTube ONE (some countries) starting with the first match at 7:30 pm And on Channel 7HD, press 35 to start receiving the live signal at 8:30 pm Follow ONE Championship and ONE Lumpini at: ONE Lumpini live broadcast channel – Weather: [เริ่มเวลา 19.30 น.]
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