“Nong Racing” Luk Pat Napapha takes off his shirt and swims in shock! The abdominal muscles are very clear.

As well as being a young man full of humor He also takes off the assertiveness from the mother fully 100 percent. Nong Racing Beloved son of Mr PatNapapha Tantrakul He also has a handsome face that is second to none.

Also, the latest news also makes the brothers and sisters. Must amaze fans and kids who love kids! Amazed! Wow! So heavy, when on Instagram @pat_napapa took a picture of the fun moment of the mother-daughter duo playing in the middle of a stream. In the middle of a quiet atmosphere surrounded by nature on holiday.

Before many people accidentally focus on the wrong point! When you see the six pack clearly. Nong Racing in shirtless mode to the point of making entertainment stars including fans Must come to splash the comments with the same voice, as Sixpack P’ Race, P’ Race has sixpack, race has sixpack, P’ Race has sixpack, P’ Race’s puppy belly has become Six Pack. wow, etc.

while Pat Napaha After hearing this feedback, he came to comment and replied in shock! no matter how “So confusing, mother.” Saw this and had to ask for permission to confirm with another voice. Pat a Nong Raceong They are a beautiful mother-daughter duo, good mood, perfect figure, like copying each other.

Pat Napapha Tantrakul

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