“Nong Today” the famous Virtual Idol! Artist who is not a real person Preparing to release the MV The first song “You are bright”

It opened with a cute and bright appearance. For the 22-year-old girl “Nong Today” Virtual Idol, an artist who is not a real person. Under the production company developed by “Honey Fam” that many people are familiar with through online media, the development does not stop here when “Nong Today” turns to hold the mic in sing in a single called “You are so bright” and prepare to count together to watch the MV Virtual Idol’s first song, the work that the team has developed, truly creates a new future to the Thai music industry.

“Nong Today” Virtual Idol has created a phenomenon in the online world a lot. As for the single “Khao You Somsai”, it’s a clear, easy-listening pop song with catchy lyrics. wait for. It presents the story of a young woman who has never fallen in love with anyone before. until she met a young man who made her heart flutter Join to win with her boyfriend from BMW Europa Motor as a sponsor and convey the love story in this MV.

“You are bright”, the work of “Nong Today”, Virtual Idol by “Honey Fam”, can listen and watch the MV. Available Saturday, September 24 at the same time nationwide on Youtube: Callmewunni or IG: Callmewunni

Link to watch “You’re So Bright” MV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_c5C5uGX8M

*Watch together on September 24, 2022 at 4:00 pm

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