“Noob Wimala”, new high jump ratings, admire Mukda-Pupe, tag team fight, sour, great fun.

“I’m very proud to have been able to star in this story. And I would like to represent the actors and staff to say thank you very much. By now 3 girls, including Wimala, our sister. (Pupeh Kesarin), Maeja Mita (Mukda) and Onpriya (Paw Tassaneeya) Open battle with each other On the side of Wimala and Mita, the tag team shake hands and fight face to face. I think this is another kind of charm that we don’t often see. I didn’t come in the form of being hurt and weak on one side. But now that the war has just started, I would like to say that there is still some fun. We will see a lot more because the girls will have a plan in their own way.

Me personally Rare Mr withKan (Mick Thongraya) They will have a plan to deal with Orpriya in masculine style But who will start a war? And will anyone come in as an additional variable? I want the fans Follow to watch a lot. Because the fun doesn’t stop here. Because this is just the beginning.”

Watch the drama “Bow Wimala” every Monday, Tuesday at 8:30 pm on Channel 7HD, press 35 and Facebook Live: Ch7HD or watch it backwards on BUGABOO.TV.

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