Nook Suthida is angry with the singer who flirts with him, but when he borrows money and runs away Expose the young man to order to stop finding Ko

talk a lot about it for best friends Nook Suthida Kasemsan And Ayutthaya a Ko Teerasak Phantucharia The latest to join the list “Tesei i Pat” came on June 1, 2023, with Pat Napapha acting as the MC. Deep down, open the hearts of a pair of best friends who have been close since high school. Koh said there is a period of coming into the industry. Nook is the one who took me to shoot for various magazines. Until one day they were playing a play together. but don’t know what happened Makes us both so far apart that we haven’t spoken to each other for many years. even though they were playing together Nook said he had some stories Before you say mu-gored, tell yourself.

Koh arranged for him to say that he had been provoked by a ticket saying that he did not want him to be with Koh. Nook is a softhead. So believe this person. don’t call it far He doesn’t want to date. Pat asked why, Ko said, “Well, he hates me. Oops, sorry, maybe he wouldn’t like us.” Pat said why Phi Nook didn’t fight for friends. Nook immediately asked, who would your friend and lover choose? Pat said, “Oops, it’s hard to answer. Sometimes I choose my husband first. because friends are forever Nook said the man was the biggest of 4 years.

Go talk that chose a man The man told me not to date me. Pat asked what the man said, Nook said he told them to distance themselves from each other, not to be too busy. Pat asked if the man was in the industry, Koh replied that the man was also a person in the industry. A man who likes to tease other people, tease other people, Nook immediately said, “Very bad, cool, nothing to do with it. Nook has nothing to do with it. She opens the fight, it’s irrelevant.”

Ko said that he had never spoken in any program, Nook added that she had never spoken in any program and suddenly came to open this fight. Ko said again, “I didn’t start a fight. I told the real story” Nook Suan immediately “You say this much. You took a knife and stabbed her already,” Ko continued, “I don’t understand why he likes to tease him. For the first time in our lives we were in the drama department. And I don’t feel like playing anymore. I want to leave the entertainment industry.”

Nook said, “At that time, she cried every day. Nook and Ko do not have a scene together.Shooting “Give me that pillow”, the heroine stays in the bedroom. Without meeting many people I still get together with the male protagonist a number of times,” Ko said again. “We didn’t understand the atmosphere at that time. Wherever we went, he would talk to us throughout the set that we were gay and bisexual. We were like black sheep on the set.

Pat asked if that was really Away because he wanted to be away from Pee Ko Nook he said, “It’s part of it. Work too, seriously.” Pat asked Koh if she was having a chat with Nook, why not talk to us. Ko said she never talked. If friends quarrel, don’t argue. It’s like being angry with Mom Wichuda, only 15 years old. But coming back to talk, we can talk. It’s been 4 years before we come to talk. Nook said it’s a working rhythm too. At that time the album was released. no time to make friends There is no time for myself yet.

In addition, Koh Chae said that he told Nook not to be deceived. One day, Nook walked up and said, “Pee Co, did you know that this person borrowed 5 hundred thousand?” Nook then replied, “No, because I learned-Umadee. -I’ll give you five hundred thousand,” making Ko laugh a lot. Nook said it was really only 3 hundred thousand, we thought it was half. He said he was stressed and had to spend money .We were very beautiful then. He’s a little deer. We didn’t think we’d be fooled. Ko teases that but he doesn’t think he’s a little donkey.

Nook continued to say that he had pressed the money on him. Drive him to the place. Put cash in a brown envelope and walk pretty. and he spoke no more So, I speak no more, Nook continues that. Come back home Call every time, every day, eh, or busy, we were beautiful then. a little while I won’t be able to run after him. After a week, I didn’t call, my heart started to feel bad, so I called and it turned out that he had changed his mobile number. Pat asked if he could follow the money, Nook said he had to because this was a bad feeling. If he arranges to have a meal with us for one meal cheat a little more We won’t be sorry at all.

Pat asked how to follow, and Nook said he told the makeup artist. Did you meet someone and say you met this person? Tell me to get my money back. he contacted me back Because if we don’t contact you back, we will continue to talk. Mainly, it’s not about money. it’s dignity Pat asked if he was a singer, Nook said he was a singer who had gone through hardships. It made Pat wonder who said who.


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