Home Entertainment Nook Sutthida detected high cancer value Prepare to swallow mineral 2 rounds after adjusting the drug, the effect of hair loss.

Nook Sutthida detected high cancer value Prepare to swallow mineral 2 rounds after adjusting the drug, the effect of hair loss.

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Nook Sutthida detected high cancer value Prepare to swallow mineral 2 rounds after adjusting the drug, seeing the effect of hair loss, skin roughness

Nook Sutthida detected high cancer value -After the actress Nook Suthida Undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer treated with mineral ingestion And came out of the hospital to recover at home Until he see a doctor again And found that he had a high cancer value Discussion therefore has prepared to swallow the mineral for the second time, which the doctor recommends that If the cancer cells have not recovered The mineral can only be swallowed up to 6 times, if more than 6 times it will exceed the amount of pain that can be felt.

by Nuuk net Received a phone-ins telling about the initial symptoms The effects found in daily life And open to share inspiration in encouraging yourself through the questionnaire at the end of Soi Weekend on (30 Jan ’64)

This Nook Suthida Revealed that “It was not symptoms of collapse. But the blood value of cancer is high Then you have to adjust the medication After adjusting the drug, the effects may occur, such as hair loss, skin tone, and in February, you have to check again. If the cancer value is high, it will have to swallow the ore again.

Swallow ore, what is it like? “It made us more suffering. It’s like giving chemo to treating COVID. It’s a very good combination. Is being detained alone Immediately after taking the medicine Our body is awkward. Everything wants to be out. And we have to take care of ourselves alone like COVID. “

He said that ingestion of minerals means getting the nest into the mineral, right?Is to kill cancer cells But it will make other cells that we are on (Swallow ore, how many times does it take? As I said, it was torture. And how many days to stay in detention) In fact, we can only swallow 6 times in life, otherwise we will not be able to tolerate the wound poison. But Nook’s stuff has just been swallowed up once. But if asked how many times Nook had a project to swallow, we wouldn’t know, we had to look at it, which the doctor didn’t mention ahead. He probably feared that the patient would worry. Because I swallowed immediately, the doctor would not tell any other results. Until the next 6 months As close to swallowing again, we may have begun to discuss that the cancer value has not yet decreased. May have to swallow again

Nook Sutthida detected high cancer value

The symptoms affect our daily life, do we feel that there are more symptoms? “The general symptoms are not But if there really is That is, if you sleep less, you will feel that the effects on your body will be blurred and not as bright as before. You must sleep for 8 hours every day. But other than no other symptoms In addition to the mind how we take care of the mind. What do we think about our illness? If we are not serious Understand its nature We will be comfortable. “

Nook Sutthida detected high cancer value

Have a plan to inspire yourself? “I must say that it might be fortunate that we have been through a lot of bad stories. Especially had been suffering from depression Therefore we will know that our life What is the meaning of living We only think about the meaning I didn’t think about the outcome of my life. So we don’t know if a long life would be more valuable than living for someone. Or what do we do each day And with the understanding that birth, old, hurt, and death, it is natural It was gullible, didn’t think much. Plus that we have children, there will be stories for us to do every day. So I never thought why we had to die, why was us “

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