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“I don’t know why it’s banned, but it’s pretty cool.”

Outfielder Lars Nutvar (Cardinals) of the Japanese national baseball team “Japan Samurai” talked about the “Peppermill performance controversy” that occurred in high school baseball on the 18th (19th Japan time). As for his own performance, which has become a boom in the amateur baseball world, he laughed, “Hahaha, that’s very interesting.”

It all started with the Select High School Baseball Tournament held on the 18th Japan time. When a player from Tohoku (Miyagi) came on the scene due to the loss of the enemy, he performed a pepper mill towards his teammate’s bench. After the end of the inning, he was cautioned by the first base umpire and ran to the bench. Nootvar, seemingly unaware of the controversy in Koshien, said, “I don’t know why it’s banned, but it’s pretty cool.” Aside from the pros and cons, he was proud that his performance had spread to the world of high school baseball.

The team entered Florida after 13 and a half hours after the quarter final on the 16th. Nootvar said, “I’m in pretty good shape. I thought I’d suffer from jet lag, and I’ve heard a lot of stories about it, but I don’t feel jet lagged that much, so I feel’ n very big. good.” To the Japanese fans, “I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s been a great motivation for me, and it’s great to hear that you’re cheering me on so enthusiastically. “I think it’s become great. ,” he said with words of gratitude.

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