“Noppadon” clarified that he would like to see the attitude of the Burmese fighter jets invading Thai territory, not wanting to see the Siam Rath conflict

On July 2, 2022, Mr. Noppadon Pattama, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Addressing the case of Myanmar planes flying over Thai territory And according to the news that Thai people’s property was damaged by the flak. In this regard, people have criticized the attitude of people in the government whether it is appropriate or not. And no one would like to see an armed conflict with its neighbors, however, he views that 1) Thailand should take a more stable stance that this is not a small matter; 2) should protest, warn, or take an appropriate action at each level; 3) We have not listened to Burma’s stance on this matter. but heard various Thai parties to clarify which some sets of audited statements belong to the Thai side Not from the Myanmar side. 4) Has Thailand expressed sufficient concern that the Myanmar operations may affect the lives and property of Thai brothers and sisters along the border? and how to ensure that such cases will not happen again; and 5) Thai people who have already been affected such as damaged property, how will it be healed?

“Maintaining good relations with neighboring countries is something that every government has to do. But to maintain the prestige of the country in the long run as well, so handling cases like this The government should take an appropriate stance. It would be better to listen to suggestions and improve them,” said Mr. Noppadon.

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