Norfolk County resident loses $ 140k to “virus scam”

Norfolk County OPP is reminding the public not to have access to anyone who has not initially contacted them after a district resident is close to $ 140,000 in what is known as a “virus scam.”

The police say the resident received a pop-up alert on his computer on January 31, 2017, saying there were issues with his computer's anti-virus software.

The resident clicked on the message, followed by prompts he received and signed a form showing that repairs had been carried out on the computer, the police said.

The man also exchanged some other emails with the scammers between January 2017 and March 2019, giving the police additional access, which the police said.

It was not until the resident reviewed their statements that he realized that his credit line had been discovered, police said, and scammers were stealing nearly $ 140,000 from the victim's account by the time the fraud was discovered.

This is the second case reported in recent days in Norfolk County, a person who was affected by the virus scam, the police said. Another resident lost thousands of dollars after the caller called his computer to him who said his device had a virus.

In that case, the scammer stole the resident's financial accounts and passwords and convinced them to buy close to $ 7,000 in Google Play cards, which the police said.

“Computer users are reminded that nobody will allow access to your computer unless you start the call. Do not give out personal, banking or credit card information to anyone unless you are sure you are dealing with it, ”the police said in a statement.


  • Do not download anti-virus software from a springboard or link sent by email
  • Make anti-virus software frequently updated and scare your computer for viruses regularly
  • Don't click on links or attachments in emails from conductors you don't know
  • Turn to your browser blocking block
  • Don't click on a bounce up that says your computer has a virus

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