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Noriko Eguchi & Eiji Akaso’s “Dense Love Depiction” – Asajo

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On October 10th, a distribution event for the drama “SUPER RICH” (Fuji TV series) starring Noriko Eguchi was held. It is said that fans have drawn attention to the answer received by Eiji Akaso, who appears in the drama this time.

“At the event, in connection with the line” 100 million pocket money “that appears in the drama, the performer asked,” What if I was told that I could spend 100 million yen freely? ” I wanted to make a ramen shop and become a store manager, “but Eguchi said,” I’m busy. Do you want to do this job? “And co-star Arata Furuta said,” Land. Realistic advice such as “If you think about your teens …” erupted. Therefore, Akaso immediately withdrew his previous statement, saying, “Then, I’ll stop (laughs). I like cars, so I want to buy a car and look at it.” A series of praises were received from fans saying, “It’s too straightforward and cute!” (TV magazine reporter)

In this “SUPER ~”, Akaso will play an intern who is a vocational school student who supports the female president who plays Eguchi. Meanwhile, in “Weekly Hyundai” released on October 8, it is said that while focusing on Eguchi who has challenged a glossy role that is willing to play a fierce bed scene, he also posted interesting information about the new drama. ..

“According to the article, the drama also plans to have a” dense love scene “by Eguchi and Akaso. However, speaking of Akaso, in the drama” It seems that a virgin can be a witch until the age of 30 “(TV Tokyo series). The BL scene with Keita Machida was very well received and gained a lot of female fans. For that reason, some people were worried that “I don’t want to see the depiction of love with anyone other than Machida!” Masu “(above, TV magazine reporter)

Since it is a completely original drama, the future development is unpredictable “SUPER ~”. If there is a bed scene with Eguchi and Akaso, it will be a big topic.


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