Normalizing Japan-South Korea relations Akio Yata: The US is leading the formation of an “encirclement and deterrence network against China” – International Newsletter-Liberty Times

Yin Xiyue (left) went to Japan to meet Fumio Kishida (right) The two sides held a summit of leaders not seen for 12 years and reached a number of consensus on the normalization of bilateral relations. (Associated Press)

[Newyddion Sydyn/Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]South Korean President Yoon Suk-yue met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo on the 16th. Akio Yabata, a senior Japanese media person, noted that the two had jointly announced the “normalization of Japan-South Korea relations.” He analyzed the reasons for South Korea’s move and said It means that the most important material in the world is semiconductors. After TSMC and South Korea contacted the United States one after another, the “surrounding network to surround and stop China” led by the United States has basically formed, and the significance behind it is very important.

Yin Xiyue went to Japan to meet Fumio Kishida. The two sides held a summit meeting between the leaders of the two countries that had not been seen in 12 years and reached a number of consensus on the normalization of bilateral relations. This development has attracted the attention of the world outside out Yaba Akio posted on Facebook about this, saying that South Korea’s economy is very dependent on the Chinese market, so in the past he has been in two boats between the United States and China, wanting to have both sides. In contrast, Japan has been firmly standing on the side of the United States. He believes that South Korea has recently been under strong pressure from the United States, and China’s economy is getting worse and worse. Based on this situation, Yin Xiyue came to Japan.

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Yaba Akio believes that the way the US is dealing with China is actually a bit like the way it dealt with Japan during World War II. At the time, the most scarce material in the world was oil, and the United States stopped exporting oil to Japan, so Japan had to fight the United States to the death. Now the most important material is semiconductors, and the US is taking another tough step against China. In addition to Chang Zhongmou, the founder of TSMC, who expressed his “willingness to stand with the United States and gradually separate from the Chinese market”, South Korea also joined, making the “surrounding network to surround and stop China” and led by the United States basically formed. China’s semiconductor siege puzzle has finally completed the last piece. It means a lot.

Akio Yaba pointed out that Japan and South Korea have a bad relationship because 11 years ago, the regime of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak was shaky. In order to restore his support, Lee Myung-bak landed on Takeshima, which has a territorial dispute with Japan, which caused a strong reaction from Japan. After that, the South Korean side raised historical issues such as comfort women and forced labor, demanding an apology and compensation from Japan, and also freezing the assets of some Japanese companies in South Korea. Japan has also imposed sanctions on South Korea targeting semiconductor raw materials, etc., and the two countries have become enemies that have never been in contact with each other.

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