North Dakota educators meet Innovation Academy

BISMARCK, N.D. – – Teachers and administrators from 14 school areas met in August Bismarck to discuss the future of education.

Mr. Fargo, Superintendent David Flowers, asked for this seven-day event, Professor Scott McLeod, assistant professor at the University of Colorado, Denver.

McLeod knows his "Blog Not Applicable" education blog and has more than 30,000 followers.

"The seven-day arc is to help people understand the urgency of changing school, giving them concrete tools and techniques on how to do that," said McLeod.

It says that schools are changing rapidly, and schools are slowly changing that create relevant gaps in the needs of society and graduates.

"We need to move beyond recall and regenerate, each of these traditional worksheets and the end-of-the-question questions of the chapter and that kind of lower learning mechanisms that we have done forever, we now have those who have have opportunities to get critical thinking and solve skills, technological capabilities, global awareness, critical communication and co-operation skills and other new features we've ever had to deal with, "said McLeod.

A teacher from Williston High School said what she learned from the innovation academy.

"Students should be considered as participants in their own education, so the students should be able to do these benefits towards what they want to learn and not to state the state," said Tania Cummings, a teacher at Williston High School.

Cummings says that it is important for parents and business leaders to visit schools.

"They need to see what our students work and why it will make a big difference to the city and the state as a whole," said Cummings.

Cummings says that teachers should communicate with other social media teachers to see what works in other classrooms and create better learning environments.


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