North Dakota State Director of Radio announces retirement Local news for Bismarck-Mandan, North Dakota

Director of North Dakota Radio announced plans to retire on 30 June.

Mike Lynk was appointed director of State Radio on January 7, 2009. He previously served as a special agent with the North Dakota Criminal Investigation, as an investigator and recently co-ordinator of the North Dakota Fusion Center.

During his time at the Radio State, Lynk made a high priority to upgrade technology.

“Whenever people call 9-1-1, they probably have the worst day of their lives, and we have a duty to ensure that we have high standards,” said Lynk. “It is very important to give our conductors the tools they need to be able to do their jobs.” T

He says that he was the most respected director working with the dedicated and excellent employees in the Department of Emergency Services and the public safety officers in the North Dakota State.

“Helping others in need is the best job anyone can have,” said Lynk. “I have received a lot of support from the people around me who have enabled me to have such a great career.” T

Lynk is a graduate of Bismarck State College, Dickinson State University, North Dakota Law Enforcement Academy and the FBI National Academy.

"For over a decade, our state's response capability has improved Mike's thoughtful and thoughtful leadership and, subsequently, improved safety measures to help the citizens of North Dakota when they need it," said, Maj. General general Dakota. "Due to its projection of the introduction of new technologies and systems in State Radio, better cooperation between our local, state and federal partners is efficient and productive."

Lynk and his wife Cindy have been married for 36 years and have two children. They live in Bismarck. His hobbies include flying, home repair, woodwork and family. Lynk is active in the church and has been involved with the Boys Scouts, co-ordinating the Eagle Review Board for the Border Borders Area in Bismarck. Two Lynk sons are two Eagle Scouts.

“Mike is not only a true professional but he is also a personal friend and I will certainly lose it,” said Cody Schulz, director of ND Homeland Security. “Mike gave a different background to State Radio and has a global understanding of public safety communications. Its proven track record of systems and processes will continue to improve throughout the state forward to us for years. We wish him well in his retirement. ”


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