North Dakota's legislative leaders certainly watch the session

"On this point, there are a few bumps, but I think we can work with them," said Rich Wardner, Leader of the Seanad, R-Dickinson, on Monday, 15 April. , but I think we can do it by the end of next week. "

The Monday marked on Day 67 of the session, which has a limit of 80 days. The Legislature was adjourned on Day 77 in 2017, and next Friday is the 76th day of the 2019 session.

There are still lots of bills and dollars whirling in the Capitol halls. Representative Republican Jeff Delzer, the House's leading budget writer, said that both rooms are about $ 140 million rather than general fund spending as law makers end agency budgets for the 2019-21 biennium, which begins in a month. July.

Leader of the House Minor Josh Boschee, D-Fargo, said there is still a real need for lawmakers. "

The main lawyers cited the state correction system and the Human Services Department, the largest state agency, as heavy lifts on the board. In addition there are recommendations on the flooding transfer of Fargo-Moorhead to finance, buying state income taxes using earnings and budgeting of the Heritage Fund for the Presidential Library Theodore Roosevelt, Gov.'s top priority. Doug Burgum.

It is also expected that the Seanad will vote this week on one of two bills implementing the newly approved ethics rules of state voters.

But the law has already agreed to levels of employees of the state that raises, describing a major barrier.

"I think we have a lot of common ground, so not only are we all getting this together," said Majority Leader of the House Chet Pollert, R-Carrington.

Householders and Senators disagree with joint conference committees between numerous daily floor sessions. There were three floor sessions held in the House on Monday, and the Senate is scheduled to hold two Tuesdays.

But even as legislators get through their final days in a session, they are getting ready for unexpected road blocks.

"There are many times," said the Republican Republic Ray Holmberg, a long-term manufacturer who chairs his room's budget writing committee.

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