North-dwellers and North businesses make preparations for Arnold Classic

Twenty two thousand athletes are expected and around 200,000 people attend the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus College and business owners and business residents are tackling the effects of events.

The business owner Jacob Neal is the salon with his name on the High Street in the North Frame, "I look forward to this all year round. The streets are being filled." Neal said his business from the annual sporting and fitness event , "We will find many competitors, especially the female competitors from Arnold coming into the solicitors seeking solos."

Michelle Brandt of Brandt-Roberts Galleries said the event was an opportunity for the thousands of visitors to the city, "We welcome anyone new to Columbus and anyone who might be interested in watching some of the art Columbus's wonderful offer, "Brandt said.

While an enterprise is looking after what is expected to be profitable, people living in the short term are tackling for tougher parking options, "It is a real and likely challenge I'm going to be going forward this year. I mean that the meters are so difficult to come, "said Natalie Perez.

The City of Societies introduced new Northgate parking rules applied to help the parking problems in the area that are in danger.

Brandt stated that there are more parking options in the area solving the problem and it is not likely to block people to visit during the Classic Arnold, "They can park in residential neighborhoods for a certain period of time during the They can park the Park Park app. They can park at a meter. We have more garages in our neighborhood than we use, "explained Brandt.

Niko Scott-Smith works and works in the North term and welcomes all the people at home for the sport and wellbeing event, "They have a good time, they come in, they spend money. They are helping with the city more than anything else. "

Arnold Sports Festival runs from February 28, 2019 to March 03, 2019 at the Columbus Convention Center.


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