North Korea “270,000 new cases of fever… Start supplying medicines 24 hours a day”


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According to the Korean Central News Agency this morning, there have been close to 270,000 cases of fever in North Korea, which are believed to have been infected with COVID-19.

North Korea began supplying drugs a day after Chairman Kim Jong-un visited a pharmacy in Pyongyang.

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The Korean Central News Agency said that the number of fever patients counted yesterday in North Korea was about 269,000.

The number of people with fever is 1.48 million, a decrease of 120,000 from the previous day.

The death toll rose by six, bringing the number of deaths officially counted by North Korea to 56.

Considering the lack of testing equipment, the death toll is estimated to be higher.

The news agency reported that the North Korean People’s Army has started supplying medicines 24 hours a day to all pharmacies in Pyongyang.

It is known that North Korea, which is discussing medical support with China, has already started purchasing medicines such as antipyretics from China since the end of last month.

It is presumed that Corona 19 was spreading before North Korea first disclosed the fact that it was infected on the 12th.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who previously ordered the deployment of the military to prevent drug hoarding and illegal distribution, visited pharmacies in Pyongyang that night to directly check the supply and sale of medicines.

In the process, Chairman Kim, unlike other attendants, was caught wearing two masks, presumed to be dental masks.

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There is an observation that it is because there is a shortage of effective masks to block viruses such as KF94.

The South Korean government has opened diplomatic channels to discuss humanitarian aid to North Korea.

Foreign Minister Park Jin agreed to continue consultations with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi over a video call to help North Koreans respond to the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it was ready to provide aid to North Korea, saying that there is a risk of a rapid spread of COVID-19 because North Korea has not yet been vaccinated.

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