North Korea fires ICBM in response to US-South Korea military exercises | Around the World Daily

The situation on the Korean peninsula continues to escalate. after the United States South Korea launched its biggest war games in five years under the so-called ‘Freedom Shield’ on Monday. Now entering its fourth day, the moves have angered North Korea, which has vowed to press ahead with missile tests during that period. North Korea has fired two ballistic missiles before, the latest being an intercontinental ballistic missile today. #All news, understand sports neck #Channel 36 #News today #PPTVNews #PPTVHD36 #Round y bydDaily #PPTVStories Follow more news on the website and Facebook Social Media channels: https://www Twitter : Instagram : pptvhd36 / LINE LOAD : TikTok : https://www

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North Korea fires an ICBM in response to US-South Korean military drills