North Korea launches 6th missile this year… NSC convening

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North Korea fired two projectiles, believed to be short-range ballistic missiles, into the East Sea this morning.

This is already the sixth armed protest this year, and some analysts say it was conscious of the news of Philip Goldberg’s internal affairs as US ambassador to Korea.

Correspondent Son Ryung.

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The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that North Korea fired two unidentified projectiles believed to be short-range ballistic missiles into the East Sea at 8:00 and 08:05 this morning.

The launch location is around Hamheung.

The flight range was about 190 km and the altitude was about 20 km.

Detailed specifications such as the speed of the projectile are being precisely analyzed by South Korean and US intelligence authorities.

The Japanese media also reported that “the aircraft launched by North Korea appears to have fallen outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.”

The launch took place two days after the launch of two projectiles believed to be cruise missiles the day before.

Unlike cruise missiles, ballistic missiles are in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

This is already the sixth armed protest this year alone, including a hypersonic missile claimed to have been shot in Jagang Province and a North Korean version of the Iskander KN-23 fired from a train.

There is also an analysis that it was conscious of the news that Colombian Ambassador to Korea Philip Goldberg, who oversaw the implementation of sanctions against North Korea during the Obama administration, was appointed as ambassador to Korea.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “We are maintaining a readiness posture while tracking and monitoring related trends in preparation for additional launches.”

The government held an emergency NSC Standing Committee meeting and discussed countermeasures.

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