North Korea opens artillery fire on buffers in the East and West Seas.

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North Korea fired another artillery shell today within the maritime buffer established in the East and West Seas in accordance with the September 19 inter-Korean military agreement.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that it intercepted artillery fire, estimated to be around 130 multiples, launched into the East and West Seas from the area of ​​Geumgang County, Gangwon Province, North Korea, and the Jangsan Cape area, South Province Hwanghae , respectively, from 2:59 pm today.

The area where the shells fell was contained within the maritime buffer north of the Northern Limit Line (NLL), and the military immediately issued several warning communications to stop the provocation, saying it was in violation of the Treaty Military 9/19.

In this regard, North Korea announced through the Korean Central News Agency, a state-run media, that it was “firing artillery fire in response to the South’s training” just over an hour after the announcement of our Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“From 8:30 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. today, dozens of missiles believed to be radiation bombs were fired in a southeast direction from the direction of Yipyong-ri, Cheorwon-gun,” said a spokesman for the People’s Army General Staff. North Korea Dept.

The General Staff Department issued “an urgent order to the front-line units of the People’s Army to thoroughly monitor talent and prepare a quick counter-attack posture, and from 15:00 to 16:00, 130 rounds of maritime live ammunition were fired at the units on the eastern fronts and western for the purpose of countermeasure warning.” to move forward,” he said.

“The General Staff of the Korean People’s Army once again declares that it will respond to all provocative actions of the enemy with overwhelming military action,” he said. “He was threatening.

“We strictly warn the enemy not to trigger unnecessary tensions on the front and to take self-respect,” he added.

It’s been about a month since North Korean artillery fired 80 rounds into the buffer zone in the East Sea from Geumgang-gun area, Gangwon-do on the 3rd of last month.

There were observations that the artillery fire was in the nature of an armed demonstration against the firing drills such as multiple rocket launchers (MLRS) conducted by the South Korean army and the USFK in the Cheorwon area, but a North Korean military announcement confirmed this.

In Cheorwon, Gangwon-do, an artillery firing drill has been scheduled for three days from today, with the possibility of additional provocations from North Korea expected, and the military is known to be going ahead with previously planned training as which was arranged.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “We are strengthening our preparedness posture in case of a crisis while tracking and monitoring related trends under close cooperation between the ROK and the United States.”

Currently, it is known that the North Korean military has started winter training.